We Produce and Install Impactful Trade Show Displays and Event Signage for Conferences and Meetings held at Venues in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC is home to thousands of conventions, business meetings, events, and trade shows every year, which are packed with companies and organizations looking to be noticed by potential customers. What helps the most successful companies stand out from their competitors is when they’re able to create an impactful visual environment that ensures that they’ll be remembered long after the event has ended. Custom trade show displays are the most reliable way to ensure that your next event or trade show is a success. Trade show displays are a combination of signage elements such as booths, retractable banners, giveaway items, brochures, backdrops, and other forms of signage displaying your company’s unique branding. Whether your upcoming trade show is a corporate meeting, convention, conference, fundraiser, or sports event, trade show displays have the potential to create a lasting memory with your target audience and to create recurring business for your company or organization.

Our Charlotte sign shop produces custom event displays, backdrops, banners, signs, and printed marketing materials for any conference, trade show, or event in the Charlotte area. The Heritage team’s goal is to make your company stand out by creating event environments that command attention.

Event Wall Wraps

Temporary wall wraps captivate convention-goers throughout your event space with dynamic graphics and decals that have a lasting impression on your potential clients. Perfect for branding your company’s values or logo, temporary wall wraps are cost-effective, durable, and memorable while being easy to remove when the event is over.

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James was great to work with, accommodating to my very hectic schedule and installed our sign without any issues. I am beyond impressed with the work completed. I highly recommend.

Nicole Steiger

Event Window Graphics

Event window graphics are a dynamic and visually appealing way to convey messages and attract attention to promotions, sales, or events. Businesses often use personalized decals on storefront windows as an effective marketing tool. These decals can range from opaque to fully transparent, with customized designs that include business logos, event details, or special offers. Heritage Signs & Displays specializes in event window graphics that are not only eye-catching but also customizable for any occasion. These graphics serve as a flexible advertising solution that can face both outward and inward, maximizing visibility and impact.

Event Wayfinding Signs

Event wayfinding signs play a crucial role in guiding guests through venues and events. These signs help maintain order and ensure that attendees can easily navigate through different sections, whether it's finding their seats, locating restrooms, or identifying where each event is taking place. They come in various forms such as standing signs, banners, or graphics. Wayfinding signs are designed to be clear and easily readable to prevent confusion and enhance the overall event experience.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps transform the ordinary look of elevator doors and interior walls into vibrant advertising spaces or artistic canvases. They are fully customizable coverings that can promote products, brands, or events. Like window graphics, elevator wraps can capture the attention of passersby and riders alike, turning a mundane elevator ride into an immersive brand experience. Elevator wraps are ideal branding solutions for events and trade shows that take place on multiple floors.

Fabric Backdrops

Fabric backdrops are essential components of event design, providing a professional and polished look to stages, photo booths, and exhibition booths. They are usually made from high-quality, wrinkle-resistant fabrics and can feature any combination of graphics, text, and colors. These backdrops enhance the visual appeal of an event and offer a perfect background for photographs. They are portable and easy to set up, making them a popular choice for conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. While not explicitly referenced in the search results, fabric backdrops are a staple product among event signage and printing companies.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are easy to set up, transport, and store for indoor and outdoor events. We offer a variety of sizes from 24” to 60” wide and 78” to 120” tall, which will help you quickly and effectively communicate your brand at events and meetings. Retractable banners are also a great addition to a larger custom trade show display, so keep them in mind when thinking about how you want your booth or table to stand out!

Life Size Cut Outs

Life size cut outs are striking promotional tools that can bring a sense of fun and personality to any event. Often used as stand-ins for celebrities, mascots, or brand ambassadors, these cut outs are printed in full color on sturdy materials and can stand up on their own. They are excellent for photo opportunities, adding an interactive element to event spaces. Whether placed at entrance ways or featured in display areas, life size cut outs serve as memorable conversation starters and photo-worthy spots for attendees.

beMatrix Frames

beMatrix frames refer to a specific brand known for its modular stand building systems. These frames are typically used in the construction of exhibit booths, event structures, and display walls. They provide a sleek, tool-less, and reusable solution for creating professional-looking event displays. Their versatility and ease of use make them a favored choice in the event industry, allowing for quick setup and breakdown while offering endless customization options with the ability to integrate fabric graphics, lighting, and other elements. Though not mentioned in the search results, beMatrix frames are integral to companies specializing in event design and construction.

Event Towers

Event towers are sturdy, multifaceted vertical signage that allows your branding, imagery, and information to be seen in three dimensions. Event towers are easy to assemble, portable, and reusable, saving horizontal space while being appealing components of a larger trade show display or booth.

Event Floor Graphics

Similar to window graphics, event floor graphics are another creative way to utilize surfaces for branding and advertising. Custom-designed floor graphics can direct traffic, highlight branding, or simply decorate an event space. They are particularly effective in large venues where directing attendees is critical. These graphics are slip-resistant and can adhere to various flooring types, ensuring safety and durability throughout the event duration. Heritage Signs & Displays specializes in these types of projects, providing design, printing, and installation services to help businesses attract new customers and create an immersive environment for their events.

Meter Boards

Meter boards are popular forms of temporary signage used for promoting an event, event sponsor, products, services, and more. With a wide variety of materials and products, meter boards are an extremely effective and affordable piece of advertising that can add value and appeal to any custom trade show display.

Trade Show Displays in Charlotte, NC

Why Choose Heritage Signs & Displays to Make Your Trade Show Displays?

Heritage Signs & Displays has had decades of experience providing award-winning trade show displays for leading companies in Charlotte, NC. From our humble beginnings in Southern Maryland in 1977, we have expanded to an award-winning sign company servicing clients in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. We put great emphasis on creating impactful trade show displays to ensure that your brand is remembered, not just seen. Our sign professionals can think outside the box to make sure that your trade show displays are made with utmost care for quality and representing your brand. Our commitment to quality has earned us hundreds of 5-star reviews from our satisfied clients.

We Install the Trade Show Displays We Create

The team at Heritage Signs & Displays has decades of experience creating outstanding trade show displays and has refined the sign creation and installation processes to make them straightforward and simple. When you contact the Heritage team, we put you in contact with one of our project managers, who will assess your goals for your trade show display, including the date of the convention or event and any concerns you have about your display. Not only will our sign professionals create your trade show display in a timely fashion, but we will even set up and remove your signage on the day of the event. We make the sign installation process easy and comprehensive to reduce your stress and help make your event a success.

Trade Show Displays in Charlotte, NC

Trade Show Displays FAQs

Trade show displays are a critical component of a company's branding efforts as they serve as a physical embodiment of the brand's image and message in a highly competitive environment. They offer a visual representation that communicates the company's values, unique selling propositions, and identity. By effectively using design elements such as logos, color schemes, and messaging, trade show displays can enhance brand recognition and solidify a brand's presence in the market. Additionally, well-designed displays can create a lasting impression on attendees, which is essential for brand recall and loyalty.

Visibility: They attract attention from a distance, drawing visitors towards the booth.

Information Dissemination: They provide essential information about products or services, often using graphics, multimedia presentations, and literature racks.

Engagement: Displays can be interactive, including demonstrations, touch screens, and other engagement tools.

Sales and Networking: They create an environment conducive to business discussions, sales pitches, and networking opportunities.

Branding: Trade show displays reinforce the brand identity within the event space.

Trade show displays can enhance the branding of event spaces by creating a cohesive look and feel that aligns with the event's overall theme and objectives. Customized displays can embody the aesthetics and values of the event, contributing to a stronger brand experience for attendees. Furthermore, innovative and high-quality displays can elevate the perceived value of the event space itself, making it more attractive for future exhibitors and sponsors.

Differentiation: Setting the company apart from competitors with unique design and creativity.

Consistency: Maintaining brand consistency across all marketing materials presented at the event.

Professionalism: Demonstrating a high level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Engagement: Creating immersive experiences that engage the senses and foster interactions.

Memory: Making the brand memorable through striking visuals and takeaways.

Visual Appeal: Utilizing eye-catching graphics and structures to grab attention.

Messaging: Conveying clear and compelling messages that resonate with the target audience.

Interactivity: Encouraging participation through interactive elements, leading to longer engagement times.

Demonstrations: Showcasing products or services in action, allowing customers to see their value firsthand.

Promotions: Offering special deals or giveaways that entice visitors to learn more about the brand.

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