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Dimensional Letters Transform Interior Spaces and Amplify Brands in Charlotte, NC

Businesses in Charlotte, NC must go the extra mile to make their company stand out in the minds of potential customers and even their employees. Dimensional letters help businesses make a strong statement in their interior spaces. Dimensional letters are three-dimensional custom signs that can be used to create unique, eye-catching designs for both interior and exterior signage purposes. Dimensional letters are typically cut from acrylic or other plastics, but they can also be fabricated out of metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. Dimensional letters take your company or organization’s name and logo into the third dimension, lifting them from the walls and making them leave a strong impact on your intended audiences. Additionally, dimensional letters work well as decoration and identification for any corporate interior space such as a meeting space, ballroom, and more.

Things to Consider Before Creating Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters can do so much to transform your Charlotte area company’s lobby, storefront, or other interior space. But no matter where you intend to install your dimensional letters, here are some common considerations that we encourage you to think about before we create your new signage.

  • What are your goals for your dimensional letters?
  • Is your dimensional lettering intended to be primarily seen by customers or employees?
  • Where will your dimensional lettering be installed?
  • What kind of lighting conditions will your dimensional letters be exposed to?
  • Do you want to accessorize your dimensional lettering with LED backlighting or other enhancing elements?
  • What materials do you want your letters to be made of? PVC? Brushed ACM? Wood? Acrylic?

You may have a specific idea of what you’re looking to achieve with your dimensional lettering or you may not know the full possibilities of how to make your dimensional letters reflect your branding in 3D. The project managers and custom signage experts at Heritage Signs & Displays will work with you to make your dimensional lettering come to life, but also let you know of the many exciting possibilities that exist to make your new signage the best it can be.

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James was great to work with, accommodating to my very hectic schedule and installed our sign without any issues. I am beyond impressed with the work completed. I highly recommend.

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Dimensional Letters in Charlotte, NC

Popular Applications for Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters have immense versatility in terms of how they can be applied to the interiors of Charlotte-based businesses. There is no limit to their applicational possibilities, but some of the most popular choices are listed below, as well as the precise laser cutting process the Heritage team employs to make each dimensional letter with care.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a popular material for creating dimensional letters. Acrylic is lightweight and shatter-resistant, making it perfect for use in areas where safety is a concern. It's also versatile enough to be used in a variety of colors and finishes to create almost any look you can imagine. Dimensional letters made from acrylic are among some of the most enduring applications of acrylic because of their longevity. The range of sizes and shapes available makes it easy to create an eye-catching display that fits with any decor. In addition, acrylic letters are easy to clean with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaners.

Lobby Signs

The most obvious and popular installation location for dimensional letters is in a company’s lobby or entryway. It’s where employees, clients, customers, and pedestrians are most likely to interact with your brand, so it needs to make an extra effort to stand out. Dimensional lettering is most effective when combined with other signage elements and enhancements such as LED backlighting to best reflect what makes your company or organization special.

Standoff Signs

Standoff signs are a category of signs that are raised at least two inches from the wall to give three-dimensional depth to what would otherwise be a flat display. Dimensional lettering is a perfect addition to standoff signage made of wood or acrylic. When combined, standoff signs and dimensional letters are a natural pairing to bring your company’s logo to life in an unforgettable way.

Interior Signs

Dimensional lettering can be effective in any corporate interior space such as an office, conference room, showroom, gallery, or auditorium. No matter the location, dimensional lettering goes a long way to elevating your corporate interior to a whole new level of sophistication and professionalism.

Our State-of-the-Art Technology Produces Precision Laser Cut Letters

When the Heritage team makes dimensional lettering, we use state-of-the-art laser and CNC cutting technology to ensure that every letter is precision cut to match your official company fonts with smooth edges and precise fits. Our laser and CNC routers works with a variety of materials as well. PVC and ACM substrates can be printed, routed, and shaped to any size, font, or company logo. Acrylic is another popular choice for lettering because our laser cutter makes smooth cuts using CO2 lasers to produce immaculate lettering. Whatever material you wish to use, our laser and CNC cutting technology will make them come to life exactly as you envision!

Dimensional Letters in Charlotte, NC
Dimensional Letters in Charlotte, NC

Why Create Your Dimensional Lettering with Heritage Signs & Displays?

Heritage Signs & Displays is the leading provider of dimensional lettering, custom signs, storefront graphics, wall wraps, event signage, trade show displays, and commercial printed products in Charlotte, NC. Originally founded in the Washington, DC area in 1977, the Heritage team has proudly served clients in the Queen City and throughout the Southeast region. We have a team of hardworking custom sign professionals whose talents have earned us numerous industry awards and 5-star reviews from our overjoyed customers. Most importantly, we make sure to treat every one of our clients with the same outstanding customer service and speedy installation that has made us leaders in our industry. We understand that each customer has different needs and visions for their projects, which is why we offer a wide variety of signs and displays to meet every requirement. Whatever your aspirations for your transformed corporate interior, we have the decades of expertise and dedication to excellence to make it happen.

Installing Your Dimensional Lettering with Us Couldn’t Be Easier

At Heritage Signs & Displays, we have refined our sign installation process to be quick, efficient, and straightforward so that you experience minimal interruptions. The first step is to call the Heritage team with your project, budget, timeline for installation, and any materials you had in mind. A project manager will walk you through the whole process and will schedule a site survey of your intended installation space, where our sign professionals will take measurements and ensure that, on the day of the installation, your signage will be installed quickly and efficiently. We make the process transparent and fast, with quick turnaround times and thorough communication every step of the way.

Dimensional Letters in Charlotte, NC

Dimensional Lettering FAQs

Dimensional letters can add significant visual impact to a logo, making it easier to remember and recognize Dimensional letters also provide more three-dimensional interest than flat lettering can, creating an eye-catching design that stands out from the rest. Additionally, dimensional letters offer several opportunities for customization, such as texture, color, lighting effects, and unique designs. When used effectively, dimensional letters can create a powerful first impression that elevates a business logo to the next level.

Dimensional lettering can typically be attached to any flat, clean surface such as wood, metal, or concrete. Depending on the materials used and installation method, some surfaces may require additional preparation or reinforcement. It is also possible to mount dimensional lettering directly onto most types of building facades, offering a unique style that will make any business logo stand out from the rest.

Dimensional letters can be painted in any color or given a metallic finish, allowing businesses to further enhance their logo design. Additionally, dimensional letters can be printed with specialized designs or logos using digital technology and protected with a clear coating for added durability. Other finishes such as brushed metal, anodized aluminum, and powder coatings are also available depending on the desired look and feel.

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If you’re ready to create dimensional lettering and custom signs to transform your lobby, storefront, or other corporate interior space, contact the sign and printing professionals at Heritage Signs & Displays today. Our project managers are ready to help you get started on bringing your signage dreams to life. Call us at (704) 551-0700 or Get a Quote today using our convenient online form. We look forward to getting started with you!

Installing Dimensional Lettering in Charlotte, NC

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