Why is it called a Step and Repeat?

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Why is it called a Step and Repeat?

This term has two origins. The first origin starts in Hollywood with the action of stars “Stepping” up to have their photo taken, then stepping down and having the next star “Repeat” the same action for their photo.

The second, is from the technical term “step and repeat” used in the graphic design industry that describes taking a graphic element and repeating it over and over again across a medium. Primarily this was to create copies of a printed item like business cards that could be arranged across a large sheet (like how the logos are repeated across the step and repeat backdrop) for printing and later cut down to the individual card.

Where did Step and Repeat Backdrops come from?

Step and Repeat backdrops have been used for decades, originating in Hollywood as a way to promote the underwriter of events. Once marketeers realized photo’s of events were being shared long after events had come to an end, the idea to put a Step and Repeat Backdrop in the photo area of a high profile event was conceived.  They could then charge companies and organizations to have their logos on the backdrop as a promotional service. As you’ve probably noticed this was a great success. Whenever you see a photo of any red carpet event circulating on the internet, logos fill the background. For organizations that paid for the exposure, their logo’s are now being passed around with famous faces all across the internet.

How are Step and Repeats made?

There are many ways to achieve a step and repeat photo backdrop. The simplest way is to purchase a custom printed step and repeat backdrop banner and a banner stand. This will come on a roll(vinyl) or folded up in a bag(fabric), depending on if you ordered a vinyl or fabric backdrop. The backdrop itself will have a top and usually a bottom pole pocket that you can slide the banner stands horizontal bars through and attach to the banner stand’s vertical bars. Then just extend and tighten up the telescoping bars to deploy the backdrop.Here’s a video showing how to set up a banner stand.

Fabric Banner Step and Repeat

Another way is called a Hop-Up Display. This is engineered to be put and taken down quickly and to be reused may times so the cost is usually more than a banner stand. It come’s in a plastic or canvas case with wheels. To set this up you simply remove the hop up from its case and set it face up on the floor. Then pull on two opposing corners until the fabric on the face is stretched tight. At this point it can be easily pushed back to it’s compact size, so you’ll need to secure the connectors around the edges. Then you can stand it up and finished securing the connectors around the middle area. Here’s a video explaining a Hop-Up in detail.

LIfe Size Cutouts

If you have an existing wall,  or even windows, and you just need to turn it into a step and repeat backdrop there’s an option for that. Wall wraps or wall murals is a great way to do this. This is achieved by having a printing company like Heritage Printing design and print wall wrap vinyl and install it directly to your wall. This is not a portable option and it is a single use product but the end result looks great and you can leave it on the wall as long as you like.

Step and Repeat wall wrap

A few other options are rigid substrates that connect together. This can be anything from a heavy duty prebuilt wall to direct printed foam-boards or similar material that are held up by floor stands commonly referred to as Might Mounts. A reputable sign company can provide these and the direct printed substrates to assembly on site.

Direct Printed Rigid Substrate Backdrop

What’s the difference?

The biggest difference in these are the portability and  reusability, and greatly influenced by these factors, the price. If you need something that will be used one time for one event the Mighty Mounts and rigid substrates are probably your best option. Given you can transport the rigid substrates to the destination or are nearby your sign vendor for them to deliver and install them for you.

If you are nearby the sign company and have an existing wall, the wall wrap is probably best. Its the most durable of all of the options listed. If it is temporary there is specific vinyl we use with an adhesive designed to be removed after a short time,  with little to no damage to the existing wall.

If you plan to reuse it several times and will need to move it from one location to another, you should go with a Step and Repeat Banner Stand or a Hop-UP display. The Hop-Up is more expensive but will last much longer and is easier to setup and take down. So consider how many times you’ll be using it before you decide on either. Both the banner stand and the Hop-Up Display can have the graphic replaced so you can update your logo’s or design without having to buy a new standing system.

If you need help deciding on what option is best for your event, or you need to get an order placed, Heritage Printing does all the above and some. Give us a call and we’ll help you make the very best of your next event!







Retail Signs – Seasonal and Perpetual

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Holiday Shopping @ Retail Stores

Holiday Shopping @ Retail Stores

It’s also the busy season for retail stores and they know it’s more than just Black Friday and digital advertising. Monopolizing as much revenue as possible during this feasting season is critical to their bottom line, all aspects of marketing are utilized.

Seasonal marketing takes place months ahead of a season, being prepared 4-6 months in advance help avoid mistakes, delays, and expedite fees. When the weather is hot, and we are dreaming of weekends at the lake, marketers are thinking about the holiday season and how to maximize product exposure. Marketing departments are designing retail signage in June-July, for a successful campaign in November-December.

Retail Store Graphics

Retail Store Graphics

Retail signs have an extensive range of shapes, sizes, applications and substrates, storefront window graphics are powerful for city brick and mortars, interior POP signs encourage additional purchases, while in-store banners, displays and a variety of commercial print can inspire existing and new customers.

Retail Sign Substrates

  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • EagleCell
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • ACM Brushed Aluminum
  • Foamcore
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Card stock
  • Converd Board
  • Polystyrene
  • Ultra-Board
  • Gator Board

Retail Store Signage

Retail Store Signage

The large variety of materials enable quality production of retail signage on any budget. Direct Image Print (DIP) embeds the inks into the substrate for a vibrant, full-color sign. Digital imagery can be printed to high qualities for short-term seasonal use or long-term signage providing exposure for years.

Our signage services include everything needed or it’s scalable to only your specific need. We offer services from creative brainstorming/design to installation/removal if needed, or just print, process and deliver. Our business model is built upon providing the signage you need, on time and on budget, no stress, just solid customer service and quality signage.

Retail Store Signage

Retail Store Signage

Heritage Printing – We Know Print!


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are the perfect substitute for glass signage, it’s more durable, cost effective and is extremely versatile. Office signs are often made from acrylic because of the professional; appeal they represent. Beautiful and completely customizable, a contour cut, 3-Dimensional, stand-off lobby sign always makes that good first impression!


Acrylic is a Plexiglas material that is available in numerous colors. We custom print and cut 4’ x 8’ boards in thicknesses from 1/8” to 1” (in ¼” increments).
Acrylic is durable enough to use indoors or out. Outdoor use tends to shorten the lifespan due to damage from the sun and elements.


Our creative arts department can replicate your brand, design a “new look” using your brand or create an original brand for you. There is never an art issue when we design, and your files will always be securely saved for future use.
Our manufacturing process includes a variety of custom options, including standoff, double standoff, 3-D, and a variety of additional substrates (like wood) to accent the acrylic. Our design team can upfit your custom sign with any or all of these options.


We DIP (direct image print) with Eco-friendly, UV inks to the acrylic for the immaculate look that adhesive vinyl can never provide. Brands and logos come alive on an acrylic substrate, and we guarantee to match any company color, using the provided Pantone color code.
Standard printing is DIP to the front of the sign, second surface is printing on the backside of the substrate, we easily offer both. The advantage of second surface printing is the image is protected, it provides a deep, “rich” ambiance that standard can’t offer. We never charge extra for second surface printing.


Acrylic can be custom cut to almost any font, or image. We can laser cut fonts/images as small as ¾” to precise dimensions. Our CNC router empowers our team to manufacture displays up to 1” thick for an extremely durable sign. We use digital technology to exact cut to the specifications of the proof you approve. Digital manufacturing eliminates mistakes.
Etching options provide the ability to incorporate complex images, in fine detail that routing is unable to provide. Etching is excellent for creating custom made trophies.
Drilled holes for mounting is incorporated into the design. Custom hole placement available for easy and effective customization. Holes for LED lighting wires and back-lighting are examples of custom drilling.


-Acrylic mounted to wood is very popular, custom finished wood or rustic, antique planks provide additional depth and an eclectic appearance.
-We use LED lighting to highlight, back-light or project subtle light on the acrylic. Multi-colored lighting available, with remote control and a variety of strobe-like choices.
-Multi-layered acrylic (3-D) with a choice of colors, also highlight the sign and incorporates a “remembrance” that traditional flat signs can’t replicate.
-Standoffs available in polished and brushed aluminum, brass, clear and “hidden” with several sizes to select from.


The advantages of acrylic over glass are substantial. Cost is always the number one factor, glass typically costs 4 times more than acrylic. It is half the weight of glass and 17 times more impact resistant.


Acrylic can be scratched and chipped or broken, if dropped, therefore we always recommend our professional installation services. In the unlikely event your sign is broken during our professional install, we will replace it free of charge. We provide a 30-day warranty for our acrylic signage installation. If it falls, we will re-install, if it breaks we will replace it.
If you choose to self-install, we provide cardboard templates to assist in the mounting process.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing