GDPR What Does It Mean to Us?

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation; it’s purpose is to protect individuals right to privacy and ownership of their online data, specifically data breaches and online piracy of personal information.

What does it mean?

If your website/company process personal data online, regardless of the companies physical location, it must adhere to this update regulation or face penalties. Click here for an overview.

Does the GDPR apply to me?

Maybe or maybe not, the regulation is set forth in the EU only, at this writing. If your company does business with anyone in the European Union, then yes it applies to you effective 5-25-18. We sell products to EU companies traveling to the US for conventions, trade shows and company functions, we consider our company applicable to the GDPR.

I’m in the United States, how do I comply?

Start by updating/creating your Privacy Policy and make it public. Have a conversation with your webmaster and IT team to confirm all data collected, through your online presence, complies with the GDPR.

Do I need a lawyer?

Maybe, if you have an attorney on retainer, have your Privacy Policy reviewed. If you’re doing business with an EU company, I recommend you do contact your legal representative.

The ensuing information is in regards to GDPR mandates, it comes from the CSO website

Data control

  • Only process data for authorized purposes

  • Ensure data accuracy and integrity

  • Minimize the exposure of subject identities, and Implement data security measures

Data Security implementation

  • Safeguards to keep data for additional processing

  • Data protection measures

  • Security as a contractual requirement, based on risk assessment, and encryption

Right to erasure: Data cannot be kept indefinitely, it must be erased when:

  • Data subjects revoke their consent

  • A partner organization requests data deletion

  • A service or agreement comes to an end

Risk mitigation and due diligence: Organizations must assess the risks and mitigate them.

  • Conduct a full risk assessment

  • Implement measures to ensure and demonstrate compliance

  • Proactively help third-party customers and partners to comply

  • Prove full data control

Breach notification

  • Notify authorities within 72 hours

  • Describe the consequences of the breach

  • Communicate the breach directly to all affected subjects

The GDPR took four years of preparation to get approval, I am taking it seriously. I believe that the United States will soon have a similar regulation to litigate data breaches and online piracy of personal information.

The Internet is not going away, we have an entire generation that have never NOT had Internet access. Millennials are working, owning businesses and demanding their rights be protected and they are being heard. It’s the right thing to do!

The most valuable entity on this earth is DATA!

With information we can do anything, including illegal activities that negatively affect individuals, their family and businesses. GDPR is another step towards accountability for actions taken and/or failure to act.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


What interior signage is:

  1. Removable

  2. Does not harm most walls

  3. Is NOT paint

  4. Installs in minutes

  5. Easily cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent


Wall Murals

Wall Murals

No signage can compare to the versatility and engaging, custom printed vinyl mural, it’s arguably the number one selling sign in all of America! Vinyl murals are everywhere.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Stop and look around, murals are at the convenience store, on their walls, windows, coolers and displays. Restaurants have murals to entertain patrons with clever designs on the table, floor, walls and ceilings. Vehicles have them on windows, bumpers, and as dealer advertisements. Fleet vehicles use murals for DOT compliance and small business owners use vehicle murals to promote their products and services.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Murals are made of vinyl; custom printed and cut to specific sizes and shapes, sometimes called stickers, a mural can take many forms, with numerous names.

  • Murals

  • Wallies

  • Stickers

  • Decals

  • Labels

  • Wall Graphics

  • Wall Posters

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

There are a variety of vinyls we use, exterior vinyls will be laminated for extended life, interior window vinyls can be removed and repositioned, and perforated vinyls provide a “one-way” view to block the sun while continuing to promote your business. We help you make the right choice, it starts with a conversation.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Our process is to ask the right questions:

  • Will the mural be inside or outside?

  • Will you use the mural on your vehicles?

  • Is this order for glass?

  • What is the life expectancy of this mural?

  • Do you need perforated murals?

  • What will the mural be installed to?

  • Do we need to move any furniture?

  • Will we be installing the murals, if not, do you need instructions?

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

We want you to be happy with your mural, by asking the right questions, we reach a high percentage of success, see our fifty plus 5 Star Google Reviews.

Installation is critical, it’s a manual action that requires skill and experience. We offer professional installation on every mural we print and trim, if you are uncertain, let us ease your mind. Our production and installation staff have decades of experience installing hundreds of miles of vinyl.

We honor our commitments:

  • If we make an error on installation, we will repair or replace the mural.

  • If the mural is not applied straight or as prescribed in the order, we will repair or replace the mural.

  • If the substrate is not in the condition expected, we will advise on how to prepare the surface and often be able to prepare it on site.

Your office can quickly and easily be transformed from the dull “eggshell white” painted walls to the professional representation your company deserves. Call Heritage Printing at 704-551-0700 for a fast, easy quote from the friendly interior signage professionals.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

What Everyone is saying about Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals Charlotte

We get a lot of requests for window graphics, we print and install on lots of interior and exterior glass, even vehicles.


We provide fleet graphics, which means we do not offer single vehicle decal printing nor installation. We are a Business to Business company and single orders for the public are not within our bandwidth (or the price would be high, and people would be upset).

So, what are people saying about vehicle decals?

Best and most effective advertising – nearly every customer we work with comment on how much business they generate through their vehicle advertising. One customer specifically said his fleet brings in so much work, that he dreamed up a way to add additional graphics to his utility trailer.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals

They look Great on my cars – our art department works diligently to produce high impact graphics that our customers embrace. We believe that art is the most important aspect of vehicle decals, so we are meticulous with our designs.

It was much easier than we expected – the Heritage Process of customer service, artwork proofing and turnkey service do make having your window graphics stress free. We employ experienced professionals in all departments and every team member believes in our Core Values. We want you to be very happy.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

They came to us, so it was very convenient – our team of installation professionals works around your schedule. We often work before and after hours to accommodate an order, we also offer weekend installations for further convenience.

It did not block my view – we use a specific window perf that will allow clear vision from the inside of the vehicle to the surroundings outside. Depending on where the graphics are applied as to what vinyl we recommend, we will never install any decal that will impair the driver’s ability to adequately see and operate the vehicle.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics

They have great reviews for a reason – we firmly believe in our customer service process, to the point that our happy customers leave tons of testimonies on our Google page.

We believe that being honest and transparent can be profitable. We charge a fair rate and provide an exceptional product and service. If you are searching for a sign company in Charlotte that will treat your project as if it was their own, call us at Heritage, it’s more than a print job for us, it’s a relationship.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing