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Life Size Cutouts FAQs

Call us at 704-551-0700 or email us: [email protected] with any question.

Q: How long does it take to make a standee? A: 3-5 business days after proof approval.

Q: Can I get it faster? A: Yes, we offer Expedited Services.

Q: Can you remove the background from my picture? A: Yes, we have full “Photoshop” experienced graphic designers. We can remove backgrounds, other people, and combine images too.

Q: Will I get to “Proof” my order before it’s printed? A: Yes, all orders are proof approved before production.

Q: How large can my cardboard cutout be? A: Up to 4' x 8'.

Q: Is it cardboard only? A: No, we have several substrates including: foam core, corrugated plastic, and PVC.

Q: Can you make a BIG Check in dry erase? A: Yes, our lamination process is dry erase.

Q: Can I or you add text to my cutout? A: Yes, we also make speech bubbles.

Q: How much does it cost? A: Starting at $300 on orders of 5 or more, discounts available for larger cutout orders.

Q: How will my cutout stand up? A: We have several options depending on the substrate and size: meter board feet, collapsible coroplast glued to the back, custom formed PVC with sandbag options for outdoor use. Sandbags provided on request.

Q: Can I order via email? A: Yes, we handle many orders email only.

Q: Where do you ship to? A: All US states and Canada.

Q: How do you ship a cutout? A: We make cardboard box to fit the standee.

Q: What file types do you support? A: JPEG, PDF, TIFF, or any native file from a graphics program. Hi-Res photos make the best cutout.

Q: Can you use any photo? A: No, we cannot print copyrighted images such as celebrities and professional athletes unless written permission from the owner is provided.

Visit us at 2739 Interstate St.
(between Billy Graham Parkway & Freedom Dr.)
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