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How to Make a Custom Printed Wood Sign

Brent Thompson Custom Projects Manager at Heritage Signs & Displays, demonstrated how he made our customer a custom printed Coffee Central sign for their break area.

  1. Brent cuts the wood to the desired lengths, including the frame.
  2. He sands the edges smooth for a professional finish.
  3. The wood is stained with a Traditional Cherry stain for a rustic appearance.
  4. Brent (DIP) direct image prints to the stained boards using our wide format flatbed rigid substrate printer.
  5. Brent has the frame for the sign and mounts the sign inside the stained frame.
  6. The Coffee Central sign is installed in the lounge area of our client.

“I enjoyed making the custom sign, it’s one of my all-time favorites, ” said Brent “The customer was head over heels with this lobby sign!”

We make custom signs in numerous manners, including wood, PVC, brushed aluminum and many other substrates. Learn more about our sign making capabilities by visiting our web page at:

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