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Wall Murals FAQ

Our objective is to provide a fun experience, while providing outstanding visual graphics, we do that with excellent customer service. Our hope is to answer your questions here if poss ible, if your question is not listed, call our office and we'll provide the answer. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Are your wall murals removable? Yes, we can use a removable adhesive vinyl for easy removal (wall decorations on interior drywall applications) or a high tack for longer use (typically, textured walls or exterior applications).
Will your wall coverings harm my walls? No, in most cases there is no damage when using the removable adhesive vinyl products. High tack will vary pending the prior prep of the wall we installed to.
Is this faux painting? No, we are not painters. We offer full color, custom wall murals and installed adhesive vinyl murals.
Is this a Fathead product? No, we are not the Fathead company, we offer a very similar product that is custom printed to your specifications, not a pre-printed stock image.
What's the difference between wall murals and wall wraps? A mural is a single image (like a logo or brand), a wrap covers the entire wall.
Are wall murals giant wall posters? Yes, giant wall posters is another term/phrase for a wall mural.
Can a vinyl wall posters be cleaned? Yes, with a little warm water and a mild detergent.
How long does it take to install? 2 -3 hours in most cases (per wall and sq. footage will vary).
What are your installation hours? We work around your schedule, before and after hours, weekends and holidays if needed.
What are your turnaround times? 1 – 2 weeks in most cases, from the time of proof approval.
Can you help me with some wall mural ideas? Yes, our creative services department can design any non-copyrighted image.
Can you apply to interior and exterior glass? Yes, we can apply 1st and 2nd surface printed window graphics and an interior mural on wall and a door, conference rooms and add privacy to open floor offices.
How much does wallpaper murals cost? Price is quoted according to the various needs: design, print and installation.
Wall Murals