Event Towers – Affordable, Reusable & Effective

An issue often encountered with trade shows are the custom displays, especially the cost and logistics. Being seen and remembered is critical, it’s why you attend the event, but getting your company management to invest in an expensive, cumbersome display is difficult. And if it arrives damaged, you are really in a mess.

Fear Not! We have the solution, EVENT TOWERS!

We make your custom event tower to your specifications, double side printed with your brand and message (every panel can be unique) in sizes up to 10’ tall.

What is an event tower?

Custom printed PVC, cut to assemble in a “scissor like” manner, creating a tall event display.

We use 6mm PVC sheets to print your company message on the panels, cut the sheet to exact dimensions with our CNC router and prepare for packaging. The panels will easily stack in the provided box for storage and logistical purposes.

Assembly is easy, the panels interlock to form an “open cube” display. Unlike a puzzle, you can position any panel to the location on the display as you please, if you have a panel with your “call to action” it can be positioned at eye level. We provide feet to assist in stability, but we do not recommend using event towers for outdoor events, they are not resistant to wind.

The beauty of the towers is twofold, they are an eye-catcher and they disassemble easily to fit into a small box! Many event displays have logistical issues, a one-use display is expensive, we offer a display that captures attention and is reusable numerous times.

Our Art Department can design almost any artwork into the panels, we made shelves for a medical tower. We even made a 10’ towers for a hair product provider, that was two years ago, and he still uses them at trade shows across the southeast.

We want your business and enjoy working for it. Our ability to in-house design, manufacture and deliver custom event displays is impressive, we have amazed thousands of event attendees with our custom event displays.

The Best Ways to Utilize Feather Flag

Feather flags are attractive indoor and outdoor fabric banners. We have a variety of shapes, sizes and all are custom printed with your logo, brand and message.

Our colorful feather flags have optional bases for easy indoor or outdoor use. Great for grabbing attention at trade shows and conventions as well as an effective eye-catcher outside your business.

The feathers come in numerous shapes and sizes, we have an edge shaped, feather shaped, straight, teardrop and the popular wind dancer, with sizes up to 18’ tall. All custom banners include the pole hardware and the specific stand option you need to maximize exposure of your custom printed feather flag.

Feather Flags

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Our color-match guarantee eliminates any compliance issues. *We will color-match provided Pantone color codes for an exact match to your logo. We also offer sign design.

GREAT for Events!

  • Charity fundraisers
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Events
  • Indoor Advertising
  • Interior Design
  • Media Backdrops
  • Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows

Call us today for more information on our feather flags, outdoor fabrics and other signage.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

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The Insider’s Guide to Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners

We are always improving, Heritage Printing President, Joe Gass charges all employees to “Thinking Outside the Box.” Regardless of position, title or salary, everyone is trying to find ways to improve the production process, customer service or equipment we work with.
Retractable Banners Recently, a measurable improvement was made by upgrading one of our vendors! Not only is our product line better, we ran a cost study and lowered prices on our retractable banner stands. What could be better than an improved product line at better rates?

It’s a WIN-WIN.

 The Insider’s Guide to Retractable Banners
Retractable BannersWe custom print brands, logos and messages on Mylar backed vinyl, for a vibrant banner that is durable, portable and easy to setup. 13oz vinyl scrim is the prototypical material we use, it is very durable and provides a vibrant image that commands attention.

Mylar backed vinyl provide smooth edges without the need to fold and fasten. Mylar is the brand name for a special type of polyester film that is adhered as a backing to the vinyl. Mylar provides a high tensile strength. We use Mylar reinforced vinyl on most of our retractable banner stands, we offer other banner materials too.

Retractable BannersWe custom print retractable banners, using Eco solvent inks. Eco-solvent inks have a wide color gamut that is especially noticeable in bright red, orange, magenta, blue, cyan and green output, eco solvent inks have a vivid, gloss appearance. We guarantee to color match provided company Pantone codes, never a compliance issue with your brand.
Retractable BannersA retractable banner provides a professional appearance accompanied with long lasting durability. Finished in stylish anodized silver with heavy duty molded end plates and a sturdy base. Every retractable banner stand comes with a custom carry bag for easy portability.
Retractable BannersWe specialize in “Hair on Fire” orders. Our ability to manufacture retractable banners and deliver it to your event venue is unmatched. Our expedited services include our immaculate customer service.
Retractable BannersNo other sign shop in Charlotte is as dedicated to making your event banner purchase stress free as we are here at Heritage Printing. We go the extra mile to make you look good at the event without all the drama. From your initial contact to the delivery of your banner, we make getting a retractable banner easy and stress free.
Retractable Banners

We provide 100% In-House Printing and direct shipping to our customers!

 Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing