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Impress Your Customers with Eye – Catching Window Graphics in Charlotte

Window Graphics

How Custom Window Graphics Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Searching for a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and attract customers to your storefront? Look no further than engaging window graphics to entice new customers to your business.

A window graphic is an easy way to spruce up your business’ exterior and stand out from the competition. By providing potential customers with key details about your product or service at a glance, you may spark their curiosity, encouraging them to enter your store.

Continue reading to learn more about the countless benefits window graphics can provide to your business, as well as examples to inspire eye-catching window graphics for your brand.

What are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are custom printed stickers, decals, or clings made from adhesive vinyl that feature your choice of branded imagery. By displaying graphics on the windows of your business exterior, you can enjoy enhanced branding that provides recognition, the ability to communicate the value your business brings to your customers, and additional distinctive visual interest that draws attention to your storefront.

4 Ways Window Graphics Benefit Your Brand

1. Strengthens Your Branding

Window graphics strengthen your branding by giving you the ability to control what visitors see when passing your storefront. Provide these potential customers or clients with a design, image, or logo that tells a story and catches their attention, therefore, creating a memorable impression of your store. That way, when a need arises for your product or service, your business will immediately come to mind!

2. Engages and Informs Customers

Window graphics are an innovative way to maximize your messaging and tell your audience exactly what your brand is all about. You can utilize your storefront windows to display pertinent information about your product offerings and special promotions, along with your company values, mission statement, and so on to foster connection and trust with your customers.

Looking for an accessible way to inform potential customers with key information about your business? Window graphics can showcase essential details such as hours of operation, company phone number and website, parking directions, etc. These simple details can make all the difference when it comes to leaving new customers with a great first impression, eventually encouraging them to do business with you again.

3. Adds Privacy and Saves Energy

Not every aspect of your business needs to be exposed to the public. Depending on your business, you may want some degree of privacy for your employees and clients. Our perforated vinyl window graphics are able to provide concealment to certain rooms or areas of your business or office without sacrificing the natural light and visibility that the window itself provides. These are perfect for storefronts, conference rooms, and offices since you can see through on one side but not the other, thus providing both privacy and full visibility to look outside of the room you are in. This can be especially helpful for businesses such as medical offices and banks, where patrons and employees may be more comfortable with additional privacy.

In addition to providing privacy, window graphics also save energy by blocking the sun’s rays and keeping interior spaces cool, thus saving you money on energy bills!

4. Easy Installation and Personalization to Suit Your Brand

Since we custom design every window graphic to suit your needs, we are able to create a graphic unique to the size of your windows that achieves your brand goals and suits your preferences, down to the coating and finish you prefer. You can also choose whether your window graphic is permanent or temporary, giving you the ability to change it up based on the season or promotions you are running.

Here at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, we use large-scale vinyl printing technology and our tight-knit expert teams make installation look easy! For every product, we work in-depth with our clients to make sure the product matches their vision before sending it out.

Window Graphics by Business Type

Any business can benefit from the use of window graphics to promote their product or service! Below are some examples of particular business types that should take advantage of window graphics, including several ideas on what to feature on the window.

1. Restaurants


Potential customers will want to know a little bit about your restaurant before entering. Utilize your windows to display photos of the food you serve, as well as a short description of the menu. Promoting a special combo meal? Entice customers by displaying the deal on your windows. You can even add a QR code that directs users to your menu so potential customers can simply approach the window, scan the code with their smartphone, and review it before entering!

2. Clothing Boutiques

Clothing Boutiques

There are numerous boutiques around the Charlotte area, so it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. Window graphics are a great way to do just that! Give potential customers a sneak peak of the styles they will find in your store.

3. Automotive Dealerships

Automotive Dealerships

Large windows are the perfect place to showcase your product offerings! At auto dealerships, we recommend displaying large-scale photos of the latest model so potential customers driving by can check out the sleek designs of your current inventory. Temporary window graphics are also an eye-catching way to display promotions, sales, and special offers.

4. Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks And Financial Institutions

As mentioned above, bank patrons may desire privacy when managing their finances. Graphics displayed on bank windows provide a sense of anonymity and double as a convenient way to display any specials your bank is offering such as refinancing options, low interest, etc.

5. Medical Clinics and Hospitals

Medical Clinics And Hospitals

Many people are nervous when entering medical clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. A positive or heartwarming graphic can help calm patients so that they are more confident going into their appointment, while also providing privacy to patients and staff members.

Examples of Our Past Work

Check out some of the eye-catching window graphics we have created for our clients based on their goals and vision.

1. Potomac Running Store, Potomac, Maryland

Running Store

This inspiring window graphic for Potomac Running Store motivates runners and athletes to overcome any challenges they may face. The graphic not only captures the attention of customers but additionally sends a positive message that encourages runners and athletes to continue running and adapt to changing environments. Potential customers will want to know a little bit about your restaurant before entering. Utilize your windows to display photos of the food you serve, as well as a short description of the menu. Promoting a special combo meal? Entice customers by displaying the deal on your windows. You can even add a QR code that directs users to your menu so potential customers can simply approach the window, scan the code with their smartphone, and review it before entering!

2. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Keep customers in the loop by broadly displaying key information using window graphics.

This informational window graphic at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina informs visitors that the Business Valet will soon be an Express Parking Deck.

3. Revolution Clothiers, Charlotte, NC

Revolution Clothiers

Revolution Clothiers sells bold fashion and accessories and needed a window graphic to match their brand identity. The bright pink letters and eye-catching design on this window graphic gives potential customers a sneak peak into the types of styles that Revolution Clothiers carries. The inspiring messaging sparks curiosity and engages potential customers.

4. NBC Comcast

NBC Comcast

Window graphics are a great way for restaurants to provide privacy for patrons enjoying their meal while interesting graphics can make a restaurant more memorable. Above are branded window graphics we created for NBC Comcast that create added visual interest to the windows of their dining area, while also providing privacy for employees and clients.

Window Graphics at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays

Here at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays, we want to make sure that your window graphic is perfectly customized to fit your needs and goals. Since we are experts in the field with decades of experience, we know that it is imperative to consider factors such as the temperature, moisture and sunlight the graphic will be exposed to that could affect the final result and lasting power of your window graphic.

We desire to exceed your expectations at all stages of the design and installation process. After creating your custom window graphic with the highest-quality material, we can schedule the installation based on your availability.

We look forward to helping your business stand out from the crowd by creating a custom design sure to have people looking twice! If you’re ready to start the creative process or have any questions about our product offerings, please contact us via the button below.


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