Print Quality – Does it Matter?


How much does quality matter? The Internet provides us the ability to compare “apples to apples” and choose a lesser price or purchase from a trusted vendor. One website (that started by selling books) made searching, comparing and buying items online extremely easy.

There’s nothing wrong with being an educated consumer, that’s not what this article is about, more so it’s about understanding what you’re buying and the quality of the printed product.

Best of Show 2016

Best of Show 2016

We are printers, we print books, magazines, newsletters and most (not all) things paper. We also print “wide-format” which is a roll to roll printing of fabric and vinyl, our capabilities also include printing on a rigid substrate. We own a total of 17 commercial printers that have the capabilities to print a variety of quality levels. For example: our Mimaki JFX200-2513 flatbed printer provides an excellent print quality on a 4’ x 8’ board on average of 12 minutes per board. Our newest printer, VUTEk GS 3250 LX Pro, can produce the exact board in 4 minutes, at better quality resolution and it also prints white ink! Quality level does affect price, a banner to be viewed at 50’ or more has no need for the quality levels of the wall art to be installed on your office wall.

How can you determine the print quality
of the item you are about to purchase online?
You can’t!

That’s when the educated consumer in you surfaces. You can find out what equipment is being used to print your order and research the quality levels of that machine, I read online reviews, but I only trust recent reviews, the last 60 days is as far back as I go. BTW: the absence of recent reviews speaks volumes to me.

Shop Online

Shop Online

When your print must color-match your company colors, how can you be assured your printer can match it? Some printers use the “Pleasing Color” method, which is getting close to your color, but it’s not exact.

Color Grid

Color Grid

We have a 4-Step system to color match:

  1. We print a color grid with swatches, that are different shades of the intended color
  2. Use the Pantone color-match book to identify the correct swatch, providing the color build, AKA Pantone Color Code
  3. Edit the print file in our graphics software to match the code
  4. Print a test on the desired substrate, visually compare and adjust if needed to meet exact match
Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Print quality can be determined using numerous measuring factors, owning an array of printers, empowers us the ability to print your order to the quality level you desire.


Hiring the Right People

There are no “Little Blue Pills to Success” and that includes your hiring process, and there is no dot com “Only the Best People” solution online. The facts are, you must put in the work to get the results and nobody gets it right every time!

Growing your business requires additional staff and even the best interviewing process cannot guarantee a perfect fit. Often, it’s not the work that falls short of expectation, it’s the camaraderie between co-workers that never seem to meld as hoped. Let’s face it, the individuality that makes us great, is exactly what separates co-workers from being team mates.


“Anyone can fake a smile for an interview,
nobody can fake it for 90 days!” – KJr

The wrong hire can set you back harmful levels, a small business may not recover from a bad employee.



There are ways to swing the hiring odds in your favor, here are some tips we use to ensure a good decision when on-boarding new team mates.

  1. Patience – most mistakes are made with quick reactions, that holds true for hiring too. Take time to research the individual and provide your business the best opportunity to be successful.
  2. Interview – have multiple managers interview the applicant, everyone will get a unique perspective of the candidate and provide valuable insight.
  3. Craig – stop using this guy’s list! The percentages of finding the “right fit” is very low on a P2P free website, use a quality paid service if you decide to explore online. You get what you pay for.
  4. Organization – are you seeking a very detailed and organized individual? Walk them to their car after the interview, you can learn a lot about someone from how they maintain their personal space (car).
  5. Social – do you review social media posts? 69% of Americans use social media, it’s another insight into the decision you are about to make.
  6. History – look at the reviews for previous employers, was your candidate involved in customer service during the timeframe of those reviews?
  7. Pray – if you pray, pray for the decision you’re about to make.


We’re always accepting applications for self-motivated team players. Come join a rising leader in our industry.


Heritage Updates Charlotte Facility

We believe in re-investing in our company, people, equipment and technology. During the past year, we have added over 12 new employees and 5 new pieces of equipment!

VUTEk Wide Format Printer

VUTEk Wide Format Printer

The addition of the EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro propelled us to the next level of large format print production, without any compromise on quality, while adding the ability to print multilayers and white ink. The new Versatech-2 CNC Router has more features and can cut, rout and etch at speeds that compare to the print abilities of the VUTEk.


We invest in people, hiring industry professionals, with a like-minded culture, to provide outstanding customer service, exceptional production and installation practices. We know that it’s much more than print and machines, it’s personal.

Heritage Printing Charlotte

Heritage Printing Charlotte


With the click of your mouse, you will find numerous opportunities to purchase a variety of products and services, the difference with Heritage is, we care. We are not in business to “make a percentage” of a sale. We prefer turnkey services, you will enjoy a more pleasant experience when we control the design and manufacturing of your order.


Well, let’s just say we have the wheels in motion for our next endeavor. Heritage has grown because we believe in moving forward, making mistakes and learning from them, and getting better every day. The future has no boundaries and we have no intention of slowing down. Stay Tuned for more!