Life Size Cutouts Charlotte, NC

LIfe Size Cutouts

We are a Veteran Owned & Operated sign company in Charlotte, NC. Our life size cutouts are made locally in our sign shop.

We support Made in the USA products.

Many things take many names, that is referred to as “lexical”. Life size cutouts have many lexical names:

  • Cardboard Standups

  • Standees

  • Big Heads

  • Cardboard Cutouts

Life Size Cutouts

We make the durable, contour cut replica of your photograph, they are perfect for any event, casual party, trade show and they are fantastic advertising! We make it easy to have a life size rendition, simply contact us via phone or email, upload your photo, we’ll send you a proof and on your approval, we print and custom cut your standee.

BIG Checks and BIG Heads are very popular, our process of full-color printing and custom cutting enable us to print and cut any provided image (non-copyrighted) up to 8” tall and 4” wide. That’s HUGE!

BIG Checks

If you need help with an image, our creative team of graphic artists is here to help. We can edit or enhance most images to incredible quality, which makes for a realistic standee.

If you have questions about our life size cutouts, please visit our web page with FAQs on our services. Click here…


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Vinyl Wall Murals Charlotte NC

Wall Murals

Wall Murals are an excellent way to affordably and impressively upgrade your Charlotte office. The creative services team here at Heritage Printing Charlotte LOVE to design, print and install wall murals Charlotte. Walls are often painted off-white or have outdated wallpaper, we get creative with our adhesive vinyl, using the walls in your office, conference rooms and lobby. We also print and install floor graphics!

Wall Murals

Wall murals are an effective method to illustrate your brand and company logo in your office space. We match the provided Pantone colors of your logo which is very difficult to do with paint. We use adhesive vinyl murals to incorporate your company message or theme directly into your corporate office or production facility.

Wall Murals

We print on vinyl that is removable, this makes the install of your wall murals easy, a custom printed wall mural from Heritage Printing will make your office, conference room and lobby stand out to your visitors and staff. 

NO Glue, NO Paint = NO Fumes & NO Mess!

Call today and ask about our Monthly Specials!


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Photographic Backdrops Charlotte NC

Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops

January 2017, what’s your your New Year’s Resolution? Stop smoking, lose weight, eating better are the stock answers and yes, we do need to do those. But what about your new Christmas Present, the slick new cell phone or camera you now own?

These past few years we have witnessed an enormous advancement in smartphone technology, quality images never imagined from a mobile device is now commonplace with any new smartphone. There’s no doubt that today’s cell phones have incredible capabilities, slow-motion videos, who would have guessed?

Now that “Mobile” is such a day to day (who am I kidding….moment to moment) part of our lives, many things have improved, namely videos and photographs.

You don’t have to be a “professional Photographer” to take high quality pictures, all you need is a new smartphone, a little practice and a great backdrop. You have the phone, you’ve watched the YouTube videos, all you need is a backdrop.


Professional photographers utilize portable backdrops to create the ambience they envision prior to the flash.  With 2017 smartphone technology, most cell phone pictures are just as pleasing, so why invest in the bulky, expensive and complicated cameras and equipment?

Photography Backdrops

Just like you, we have new toys too! Our NEW GRAND format printers produce unbelieveable backdrops, and they’re affordable, reusable and durable!  Click here to visit our Photography Backdrop web page.

Most backdrops are printed on fabric, the flexibility, durability and ease of use make it almost a unanimous choice for a video or photo shoot.  We cater to a variety of professional and amateur photographer’s needs, our 8’ x 8’ portable fabric backdrop is the most popular because it works great with 2 subjects.  Our larger 8’ x 10’ backdrop works better for 3+ people, we also have the larger 8’ x 12’ photo backdrop for larger shoots with groups of people.

Custom printed backdrops, with a variety of options in hardware, are always available.  Your Heritage project coordinator will gladly define all aspects of the backdrop and hardware.

Options for printed backdrops:

  • One Sided Print

  • Two Sided with No “See Thru” Print (unique on each side)

  • Portable and Reusable (easy to assemble & disassemble)

  • Soft Touch Fabrics

  • Durable Fabrics

  • Wrinkle Free Fabrics

Your needs mandate the mounting hardware, our stock  of high quality hardware options are outstanding, they will stand the test of time and will easily display your backdrop shoot after shoot.

Need help with a unique backdrop for a special photo client?  Our creative services team work with you or your client to create any original backdrop you can imagine.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing