Coul Oak All Stars

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

Coul Oak Little League All Stars is a post season tournament team comprised of 13 all-star players from the 4 Coul Oak Little League teams within their respective division. The name Coul Oak is derived from the communities that the players reside: Coulwood and Oakdale.

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

Coul Oak is affiliated with Little League International as a non-profit organization who believe in the ideals of Little League, they offer baseball for youth in the northwest area of Charlotte, NC. The age groups vary from 5 years old to 16 years, with eight T-Ball teams, 10 machine pitch teams, 9 minor league teams, 4 major league teams, and three Junior/Senior league.

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

2016 Coul Oak All Stars

Heritage Printing project coordinator Trevor Gibson and his son are richly affiliated with the Coul Oak Little League. Trevor began his baseball career (albeit short) with the Coul Oak Little Leaguers when he was 6 years old as a pitcher and second baseman and now his son is following in his footsteps as a Coul Oak All Star pitcher, short-stop and second baseman. Noah is reaching the pinnacles of Little League baseball that Trevor dreamed of and more. Trevor is the active pitching coach for the All Stars and first base coach during the games, he has kept his baseball dream alive through Noah and his friends.

Noah & Trevor Gibson

Noah & Trevor Gibson

Noah Gibson is a 13-year-old Coul Oak All Star heading to the State Tournament! Noah and his teammates have played together and against each other since 2006 as All Stars and in the Coul Oak Little League. This year has been magical as they won this year’s District 3 Tournament, which earned them a spot in The State, which begins 7-22-16.

Coul Oak All Stars

Coul Oak All Stars

The State (as we LL followers call it) is a double elimination tournament with teams from the 4 divisions of our state. IF, the Coul Oak All Stars can exit victoriously, they will have earned a berth in The Regionals! The Regionals host teams from the eastern seaboard district, this is the second highest level of little league a Little League team can reach, it’s so prestigious that every game telecasts on ESPN! There are 2 Regional tournaments, which whittle the teams down to the eventual Little League World Series contestants.

It’s every father’s dream to re-live his youth with his son and none relishes it more than a baseball player’s dad. Always with a smile, Trevor practices, coaches, drives, rejoices and gets heartbroken with these 13 young men and the other coaches, it’s a luxury every baseball player young and old fantasize about.

If you truly love baseball, nothing can replace the smell of fresh cut grass, the “smack” of the baseball into a leather glove or especially the distinct “CRACK” of a baseball being hit out of the park.

Everyone here at Heritage Printing and the Northwest Charlotte region is excited for our Coul Oak All Stars and we delight in the thought of watching their skills on ESPN at Williamsport, PA the home of the 2016 Little League World Series.

Follow Noah, Trevor and the Coul Oak All Stars at: and on social media at:

See you in Williamsport!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Noah Gibson

Noah Gibson


Retractable Banners Order

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners

My background in sales began when I was 15, I sold pillows at a Flea Market! Sales are a wonderful career for many men and women, I enjoyed it for over 30 years, but now that I’m on the front end of sales, I find that marketing presents more of a challenge to me than sales ever did.

Occasionally I get to slide my sales hat back on, when we are short-handed in the office, I’ll take calls, run the chat room and help customers with their printing needs.
This is a story (customer name and company withheld) of a recent call I took, on a day when we had 3 people in the field, 1 on vacation and it was only Joe and myself providing customer service for several hours.

Joe’s on a call when the second line rang. The phone in my office not to set ring on incoming calls, because it’s better for our customers to talk to a project coordinator, not the marketing manager. So the phone rings and Joe is talking to another customer on another line, I run to the lobby to answer the main line and: “Heritage Printing, this is Kevin, how can I help you?”

A very nice and obviously stressed reply was “I need 3 retractable banners; can you help me?”
I answer “Yes, we can easily make you some retractable banners.”
Her reply “I need them tomorrow at noon!”

Now I knew why there was stress in her voice, something obviously happened to her banners. She must have comprehended this upon arriving at the event and without her main marketing materials, she knew more banners had to be done ASAP.

When I take calls, I always ask how they found us.

She said “I found you on Google!”

“Life Happens” is an often used phrase with us, we developed our business model around it. We have positioned ourselves with:

  • The best printing equipment

  • Experienced people

  • Dedicated staff

  • SUPER-FAST Logistics

We can provide our products when your “Hair is on Fire” (a term Joe and I both love).

It was around 11:30 on a Wednesday morning when I took that call, so it would be a tight window to get 3 retractable banners made from scratch and delivered to a DC event, so I asked her our 3 main questions:

  1. Do you have your artwork for the retractable banner? YES

  2. Can you email it to us now? YES

  3. Do you need this shipped to you or will you pick it up at our facility? DELIVERED TO DC

Our conversation switched over to the banner stand she needed (we have several sizes and models) since she was viewing our website as we talked, she knew exactly what model she needed. We exchanged some information and I politely asked her to send us the artwork and be ready for a call from Joe to confirm the order, receive the quote and make payment.

I heard the relief in her voice immediately.

Joe was finishing his call as I walked into his off and handed him my notes, I told him of this “Hair on Fire” order for 3 retractable banners. He gave me that smile he always gets when he about to relieve someone’s stress and with a few quick questions, he was on the phone pricing the job and taking payment. The banners were printed and made into a retractable banner at our Waldorf, MD facility by Terry and Steve, our wide format team in Maryland. Wayne Magoon, one of our sales staff, had a meeting scheduled in DC Thursday morning, so it would be an easy delivery for him.

Our new customer was ecstatic and very relieved to have the banners at her DC event, especially 3 hours early! Needless to say, Wayne got all the Kudos for such an outstanding job, but he graciously referred the credit to our team and how we are structured to expedite such orders.

Here’s the timeline:

  • 11:24 the customer calls Heritage

  • 11:45 the artwork arrives via email

  • 12:17 the order is confirmed and payment made

  • 1:26 Terry Blenman receives the order in Waldorf and converts the file into “Print Ready” format

  • 2:36 Steve Bailey is handed the job ticket, accesses the files, sets the printer and begins the job

  • 3:58 Steve Bailey begins installing the banners into the retractable stands

  • 4:30 Wayne Magoon loads the banners into the Heritage delivery van and drives it home for the evening

  • 8:27 Wayne Magoon leaves Waldorf on route to DC

  • 9:02 Customer hugs Wayne!

This is a typical situation for us, most sign shops in Charlotte or DC reject the “Need it NOW!” orders. Most sign companies don’t want to provide a retractable banner in such a tight time frame, but that’s the way Heritage Printing operates. Joe Gass and his brother Steve make certain we have a dedicated staff and an adequate stock of our necessary components to complete orders for our most commonly requested products in those extra tight time limits.

It’s not just a banner, we can expedite orders for numerous products:

  • Banners, both Retractable and w/o hardware

  • Books

  • Newsletters

  • Banner Stands

  • Standoff Lobby Sign

  • Fabric Printing

Another quick example: earlier this year, it was 6:00 pm when we received the artwork for a 100 page, perfect bound book that had to be distributed for a DC presentation by 9:00 am the next morning. Our guys worked until 2:00 am and the customer picked it up in Waldorf at 7:00 am the next morning!

Whether it’s a retractable banner, perfect bound book or many of our commonly produced products, if your artwork is ready, we can make it happen!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


Hank Aaron hits 500th homer

Hank Aaron

On July 14, 1968, Atlanta Braves slugger Henry “Hank” Aaron hits the 500th home run of his career in a 4-2 win over the San Francisco Giants.

Henry Aaron was born February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama. The third of eight children, Aaron was a star football player, third baseman and outfielder in high school, and signed with the Negro League’s Mobile Black Bears while still a teenager. He joined the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952 at age 18 and helped them win the Negro League World Series. The next year, his contract was sold to the Milwaukee Braves of the National League. On April 13, 1954, Aaron became the last former Negro League player to make his debut in the major leagues.

Aaron broke camp with the big league Braves in 1954 after a year of thorough domination in the minor leagues. In that and many future seasons with the Braves, Aaron shared the spotlight with third baseman Eddie Matthews. For their careers, the two men hit a record 863 home runs as teammates and hit home runs in the same game 75 times. In 1957, Aaron won his only MVP award, hitting .322 with 44 home runs and 132 RBIs. Aaron, Matthews and pitchers Warren Spahn and Lew Burdette led the Braves to a World Series victory that year over Manager Casey Stengel and his perennial favorite New York Yankees. In 1958, the Braves won their second National League pennant in a row, but lost a World Series rematch to the Yankees.

On July 14, 1968, with 499 career home runs under his belt, Aaron hit a three-run shot in the third inning off Giants’ pitcher Mike McCormick. Aaron was mobbed at home plate by his teammates and presented with an award by Braves President Bill Bartholomay honoring him as the seventh man in baseball history to hit 500 home runs.

Aaron was already 34 years old in 1968, the age at which players of his era usually began a rapid decline. Although 1968 was a slightly off year for the slugger–he hit .287 with 29 home runs and 86 RBIs–Aaron was not yet slowing down. Naysayers ate their words as they watched him hit 203 home runs between 1969 and 1973. On April 8, 1974, after a winter of hate mail containing threats from racist fans, Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record for career home runs when he hit his 715th off Cincinnati’s Jack Billingham. Aaron retired from baseball in 1976 with 755 home runs. After a career of remarkable offensive consistency, Aaron retired as the all-time leader in runs batted in, extra base hits and total bases. He was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing