An Expert Interview About Storefront Window Graphics

Our phones ring off the hook for information about storefront window graphics, so much so that I decided to interview our window graphics expert: James Zambrano.

James Zambrano

James Zambrano

Kevin: How long have you been involved in window graphics?

JZ: Over 15 years. I started in 2002 working at FLM Graphics serving the New York area. When I relocated my family to Charlotte, I was the large format manager with 15 employees, including installers.

Kevin: What is the largest window graphic you have worked on?

JZ: We printed and installed a 2nd and 3rd floor storefront graphic for a Chicago outlet that was over 2000 square feet.

Storefront Window Graphics

Old Line Bank in Prince Frederick, MD

Kevin: What materials do you print on?

JZ: Adhesive vinyl, we never use glue. I’ve used a lot of 2nd surface materials (2nd surface adheres to the inside of glass with the print facing out). Perforated vinyl is used often, but only for exterior applications. Vehicle windows must be printed on a larger perforation than storefront vinyl.

Storefront Window Graphics

Furnari Restaurant

Kevin: What types of vinyl do you use?

JZ: Standard clear, Opti-Clear, which has a “No-Haze” adhesive and Block-Out, which has the “No-See-Thru” backing and Perforated vinyl.

Window Graphics

Hershey Corporate Office in Derry Township, PA

Kevin: What’s the difference between interior and exterior window graphics?

JZ: Normally, interior vinyl doesn’t have laminate and “clings” can only be used inside. Exterior applications must consider the climate; sun, wind, rain all influence the application and the print, long-term.

Window Graphics

Hershey Corporate Office in Derry Township, PA

Kevin: Tell me about White Ink printing.

JZ: White ink is fantastic! It enables us to print on clear vinyl, control transparency, and most importantly, print very complex images, brands and logos without the need for plotting and weeding. White ink printing improves the quality, saves time/labor and reduces the cost.


Kevin: What is the difference between long-term and short-term storefront graphics?

JZ: Adhesive types of vinyl; a shorter-term graphic will print on a low tack adhesive vinyl, for ease of removal, wherein as a long-term advertisement will need a high-tack vinyl for a tighter adherent to the substrate.

Storefront Window Graphics

Paul Bakery, New York, NY

Kevin: Where is the break between short-term and long-term?

JZ: 1 month, if the advertisement/window graphic will be in place for over a month, I always recommend the long-term vinyl.

Storefront Window Graphics

Latina Corporate Office

Kevin: Does window tinting influence how you print and install?

JZ: Yes, glass with tint can’t have 2nd surface print, it must be applied to the exterior of the window to be seen.

Kevin: Frosted or Etched, what’s the difference?

JZ: Frosted is translucent and replicates a “frosted glass” look, and etched is for logos, brands, fonts and lettering.

Kevin: How much does storefront window graphics cost?

JZ: Every application/project is unique, it’s difficult to place an “across the board” price on window graphics. For a 4’ x 8’ vinyl graphic, lowest possible cost, on short-term vinyl would start at $7 per square foot, a long-term graphic would start around $11, with larger projects, the price per square foot goes down.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Warning: You’re Losing Money by NOT Using LED Lobby Signs

Businesses cannot afford to lose money, even non-profits and charities must be profitable to stay in business, that’s why image is everything!

LED Lobby Sign

Nothing impressively illuminates your lobby better than a custom-made *LED lobby sign. LED signs add a visual element of interest to your office, having your brand in lights will impress visitors to your office and impel your company into a positive memory.

We use low-voltage LED lights that are white or RGB colored, include the remote-control option to add an eye-catching, exuberant effect. Visit our LED Sign’s webpage.

LED Lobby Sign

High Efficiency Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology has advanced immensely since first being introduced in 1927. Today’s LED lights use less energy, produce brighter light and an array of colors, add this to a custom sign and the possibilities are endless.

LED Lobby Sign

Standoff mounted lobby signs make excellent LED lobby signage. We can add dimensional letters to accentuate your sign and incorporate the 3-D effect. Various substrates, including clear acrylic and brushed aluminum, can be custom contour cut for exact accuracy of any brand, logo or font.

We can use a variety of substrates to compliment the unique ambience of your office space, like this original LED sign we made for Evergreen Salon & Day Spa.

LED Lobby Sign

LED Lobby Sign

– Aged wood was specifically selected as the base, to emphasize the salon theme.

– The logo and text “evergreen” are custom cut from ½” black PVC, with a brushed aluminum vinyl laminate.

– The LED RGB colored lights are applied to the reverse side, so ½” PVC was used to allow the needed depth for routing and the hidden installation.

– The logo and dimensional lettering are mounted with clear, hidden standoffs.

– Each piece is individually lit, with all wiring and the power converter mounted on the backside of the wooden sign base.

– The lines and text “Salon & Day Spa” are CNC routed from 3 ml brushed ACM.

– The sign is mounted to the wall with stainless steel standoffs.

First impressions are everything, make certain your office visitors are impressed by ordering your LED lobby sign from Heritage Printing.


*A power source is required to operate LED lights; an electrician may be required to install an electrical junction to provide a power. Heritage Printing is not licensed electricians, thus can’t perform any wiring to any building.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

The Insider’s Guide to Custom Displays

Standing out at the convention is not an option,
it’s a PRIORITY!



Growing your business, utilizing our Charlotte conventions and trade shows, is an outstanding marketing campaign. In 2015, the Charlotte Convention Center alone, hosted 448 events, how many event venues are in Charlotte? Hundreds!Convention Displays

That’s why event marketing works.

The obvious tip for maximizing return at any event, is being remembered and called upon or obtaining permission to follow-up with a prospect. Nothing opens that door better than a custom display, here’s your insider’s guide to a custom display from Heritage Printing.

Prison Break Display

Engineering and design are paramount for your display. Our experience in unique, “one of a kind” displays are unmatched in Charlotte. Our team of designers, engineers and carpenters work with you to select the right style and materials to promote you and your company.

Engaging displays keep potential clients staying at your booth longer. Digital displays, interacting with your backdrop, provides the opportunity to capture attendee’s information for later soliciting. We cleverly integrate various attractive devices to give you the edge over your competitor.

Need to be portable? Never a problem.

We have an array of portable displays ready to be custom printed with your company brand and message. We guarantee to match your provided company Pantone colors.custom display

We work with you from concept to completion. We have full-time staff of experienced graphic artists, with a combined 60+ years of custom display design and engineering experience. We have no difficulty providing “eye-popping” displays with outstanding customer service.

When looking for something extra special for your next Charlotte convention, make Heritage Printing your first call. We will not disappoint.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing