Standard mail is an affordable method to reach your client base and/or prospective customers with your marketing materials, brochures and newsletters.

Standard Mailing Services

Standard mail has been improved over the years to its current efficient form of delivery and is utilized by many businesses to communicate. We provide a fully automated procedure that will apply your mailing list (existing, purchased or data base) and process the material through the postal system. We employ the CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and NCOA (National Change of Address) to eliminate errors and safeguard that each mailed piece reaches its destination.

Heritage Printing & Graphics has successfully provided standard mailing services for a multitude of businesses, associations and non-profits across the United States for over three decades.  We understand the value of marketing and communicating via standard mail and have simplified the process to benefit you.

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We provide Standard Mailing Services to Charlotte businesses, non-profit organizations and others.
We make bulk mail easy!

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Standard Mailing Services in Charlotte