Mailing Services & Fulfillment

Direct Mail Services for publications & marketing materials have long been utilized as an effective method to promote a new business, new service, weekly or monthly specials and to simply keep items readily known to the appropriate recipients. Mailings have worked great for countless companies and Heritage Printing have been in the mailing services and fulfillment business for decades.

Publications Mailings Charlotte

Publications Mailings

Standard Mailing Services Charlotte

Standard Mailing Services

Whether your company is just getting started with mailing services or have utilized them for years, we have the equipment, experienced staff and expertise to ensure maximum results from your mailing campaign.

First time mailings customers appreciate the Heritage Process and customer service we deliver. We work with you to help design the publication or marketing material with our Creative Services team of professional graphic artists. We understand how to create an “Eye-Popping” print that will get noticed. Next we go thru the paper selection process and help with the grade, size and format to best serve the intended mailing purpose. We also aid in the demographics and mailing areas, a process that is vital to every mailing.

Upon approval of the proof, we can either deliver the mailers to the Postal Service for you or schedule it out or have the mailers delivered to your office for your postal pickup and delivery. First time mailing customers often express their gratitude for our proficiency in assisting in their campaign.