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Something Special

I try to avoid the “drama” as much as possible on my blog posts, social media and all publications articles that I write. (which at last count was about 27 accounts)

  • The political arena is nothing more than a trap of Quicksand that I fight everyday to avoid. Yes, I have an opinion and yes I like to voice it, so my restraint is something I’m rather proud of.
  • Social Media if full of “Conspiracy Theorists” that need not my fuel for their fire, another pit that I navigate carefully through my daily professional and personal excursions.
  • Religion is the most volatile of all “Hot Topics” that can get me in trouble. I’ve never been afraid to state my Christian beliefs, but I’ve witnessed (even first hand) as how that can boil over into the drama fire.


Here comes my religious comment:

“Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
blessed me with Something Special!”

It was in the form of a very kindly gentleman that impacted every person in our office. Jerry Montgomery, COO of Hicks Total Transformations contacted our office for 2 table runners he needed for an upcoming event. His Google Search for “Table Runners Charlotte” led him to call Chris Ladika, one of our project coordinators.

Since Mr. Montgomery’s table was a custom size and he is a local Charlotte resident, Chris invited him to visit our showroom and bring his table for some measurements. That’s when Something Special happened.

Table Runners Charlotte

The first few minutes Mr. Montgomery was in our office, it was obvious he was a unique individual, his respectful demeanor, his posture and especially his smile is infectious. Being a veteran is a major factor in Jerry’s persona, but kindness and respect come from within, our military helps refine those traits to develop incredible personalities.

Jerry’s return to pick up the table runners was another fun-filled moment, we took pictures, had some laughs and an overall good time during his second visit to our facility.

“Mr. Montgomery is the ideal customer.
He communicates well, is very professional and enjoys an upbeat approach to life.”

Chris Ladika

Jerry’s Table Runners:

  • 107” x 84”
  • Custom Printed
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Ultra-Soft Fabric
  • Hemmed

Jerry was so pleased with his table runners that he placed another order, one that we relish, due to their enormous visual impact: Event Towers.

Event Towers Charlotte NC

The towers were made in time for Hicks Total Transformations next event; Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in Atlanta, GA. Jerry picked these up on route to Atlanta so we enjoyed a third visit.

We like to set up a customer’s event displays in our production facility to demonstrate firsthand how easy it is to erect, dismantle and store the display. The look on Jerry’s face when he saw his 10’ event tower was priceless!

We all had a little fun, making jokes and taking pictures with Jerry and his tower. With lots of laughs and well wishes, we were all a little more lighthearted, a little happier, a little more up-spirited having been blessed to enjoy Something Special again on that day.

Event Towers Charlotte NC
Event Towers Charlotte

Jerry’s Event Towers:

  • 10’ Tall
  • Made with ½” PVC
  • Double-Side Print
  • Custom Cut
  • 13 Panels per Tower

Here is a snippet about Hicks Total Transformations, from the Hicks Total Transformations website:

On behalf of Hicks Total Transformations International Inc., We would like to personally Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to introduce Hicks Total Transformations products to the global market. Since we first started in 1978, it’s been our Dream to make a special difference in people’s lives through our business, with so many life-changing products already received into the hands of our wonderful customers and friends, and now with your help, we know that together we’re on our way to realizing that dream.

Together, the entire Hicks Total Transformations Family is on a mission to “Take Healthy Beautiful Hair to the World”. Changing lives one at a time. Knowing that each time customers makes a Hicks Total Transformations purchase; they are helping to make that mission possible, through Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it has been our dream to make a special difference in people’s lives through our business, such as life threatening global famine, those that are oppressed by economical restraints, orphan’s, widows and the poor, through our World Outreach Mission. Jesus is the Answer, Vote Jesus. With so many life-changing products already received into the hands of our wonderful customers and friends, and now with your help, we know that together we’re on our way to realizing that dream to continue the research, development, and pioneering work that will bring about even better products for you—that’s our passion, that’s our promise, and with your help, that’s what we’ll continue to do. We truly want to say “thank you” for choosing Hicks Total Transformations.

Again, I rarely air on the religious side, seldom fuel the drama on social media and never jump on the volatile political bandwagon, but when I meet individuals with high levels of professionalism and passion, I know I’m blessed!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing



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