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A Bloody Nose Equals a Law Suit

Hazards exist everywhere,
especially in the workplace

Take it from me, I studied OSHA regulations for a decade and performed hundreds of safety audits. Your workplace is the most dangerous place you inhabit. You spend more time at your job than you do in your car or home. As a business owner/manager I was always on the lookout for workplace hazards, especially the hard ones to notice.

I was drawn into the “Safety World” because of my OCD mentality of being organized, (I have it under control now, most of the time). I was very good at auditing and earned the respect of my co-workers and believe I prevented numerous accidents, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in reparations.

As experienced as I am in safety, I recently heard of incidents that had me scratching my head and wondering Why didn’t I think of that? I’m referring to glass walls at work. People are walking right into the glass and injuring themselves, that’s right, smack right into the glass.


Sometimes hard enough to cause a severe injury, much more than the nose bleed I titled this post. Concussions, broken limbs and spine injuries can come from impacting a wall, even a glass one.

Excerpt from The Guardian: Despite warnings from building inspector that people would not be able to tell where the door ends and the wall begins, at least three Apple employees walked or ran into the ultra-transparent glass hard enough to require emergency medical treatment during the first month of occupation, according to recordings of 911 calls obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

As with every accident and incident I investigated as a Safety Officer,  I offered a solution to resolve the issue. Glass walls create a very decorative and collaborative workplace environment, but the hazard is still there, the resolution is glass frosting.

Glass frosting will define the wall appropriately and warn the pedestrian of the pending obstacle, all the while keeping the collaborative environment and continuing a culture in the workplace. Decorative frosting sends the message of professionalism while providing a safe work environment.

Watching someone walk into a glass wall may seem funny in the moment, but I promise you, the repercussions from a workplace accident is no laughing matter.

BTW: I truly do know and love safety, this is not a “ploy” to spice up a blog post. I spent seven years managing a safety department for a major furniture manufacturing company with approximately 1000 employees, (200 at my facility). I have over two dozen safety certifications, including my 40 Hour Federal OSHA Training Certification. I have known and practiced Red Cross First-Aid and CPR since 1993. I studied safety seriously for two years prior to a career path change to enter the Internet world.

Frost your office glass and avoid costly interruptions to your work day!


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