Please Give Me A Call

With the recent explosion of marketing avenues available to businesses, it’s easy to forget some of the fundamental building blocks that go into making a company successful. Take, for instance, that telephone in your office. It may not be as sexy or new as social media, but it packs a much bigger and more immediate punch than tweeting or Facebook posts! Perhaps the most important method of communicating with your clients and prospects is still that little old telephone.

The phone connects your business with your audience in ways that email and social media can’t. The sound of the human voice and the interaction between two people on the phone can never be replicated or replaced by any other medium. That interaction can either increase or decrease your business in terms of traffic and revenue. Most callers will base their decision about whether or not to do business with your company on how they are treated on that phone call.

No amount of marketing and PR can overcome a negative experience on a phone call with your office. So before you move forward with any new marketing, make sure all that effort doesn’t go to waste when a prospect calls your business.

You can either pay someone or ask a friend to call your business and pose as a potential customer. Have the calls recorded. Review these recordings on a regular basis, and share both the positive and negative calls with your staff, along with items you find that need to be corrected. These are extremely valuable training times. It takes a little effort on your part, but the rewards will pay off for many years to come.

By making sure that all callers experience a positive event when calling your business, you have a strong pillar to continue building your successful business.

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Remember It with an E-mail

If you’re looking for an easy way to ensure important items and events don’t get forgotten, an e-mail reminder service may be just what you’re looking for! One such example is , an easy-to-use reminder service to help keep you organized. While this service is great for e-mails you want to be reminded of in the future, it also offers much more, such as convenient reminders for meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments, and other important events!

For example, if you have an upcoming dentist appointment on August 21st, you can send an e-mail to that says “Dentist appointment next Thursday at 1pm” and another e-mail to that says “Dentist appointment today at 1pm.” The reminders also feature a “snooze” option that will let you easily archive the reminder and set it to remind you in 30 minutes or more.

Once you register and set your time zone, you simply CC or BCC your e-mail to specify when the reminders will be sent. Here are a few examples of how to select a reminder:

  • = August 21
  • = Monday at 9am
  • = 3 months from now
  • = 2 days from now

If you add the follow-up e-mail address to the “To:” or “CC:” field, everyone who receives the e-mail will also receive the reminder. If you add it in the “BCC:” field, only you will receive the reminder. It is important to remember to add and to your contact list to prevent your reminders from going to your spam box. offers more than other e-mail reminder services in terms of usability and customization. Once a reminder has been set, you can log into your account to view, edit, or delete reminders from your calendar. You also receive a configurable confirmation e-mail every time you set a reminder (which can be easily disabled). A settings page also offers links for adding reminders to your RSS reader or calendar, and features a bookmarklet that allows you to set follow-up reminders on web pages.

We know your days are hectic, so whenever you need printing in a hurry, give us a call! We’ll save you time so you can focus on other important business tasks.


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Editing PDF Files

Editing PDF Files

PDF files are a great way to exchange information. Not only are they small in file size while preserving original formatting, but they can also be easily viewed. While PDFs are generally designed as read-only, there are ways to modify their contents without requiring the original source file or the Professional version of Adobe Acrobat.

Here are a few examples of free websites that allow you to easily edit PDF documents:

  • PDF Escape is an online PDF editor, reader, form filler, & form designer that enables minor changes to a PDF document, such as hiding part of the file (such as a personal e-mail address) and creating hyperlinks to other PDF pages or documents.
  • PDF XChange Viewer is a PDF editor/viewer. While the free version doesn’t allow you to create documents from scratch, it does allow you to edit extensively – such as adding text or images directly on your PDF file.
  • Little PDF is a tiny PDF editor freeware which enables you to edit, read, open, print, save, convert, and view PDF files with ease.

While websites such as these are a convenient option for limited PDF editing needs, Adobe Acrobat products continue to provide the most robust functionality for power users.

Not only can we help you edit existing files, but we can also create fresh new forms, documents, and other critical business materials. Stop by today and we’ll take your worries away!

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