Thoughtful Consistent Advertising

Consistent Advertising

Consistent Advertising

Successful business people are goal setters, long term & short term goals are beneficial methods of measurement.  My marketing manager often says “Measure, Measure, Measure, then Qualify and/or Disqualify, then continue to Measure!”  He has incorporated that methodology into our marketing campaign.

Our retail customers understand the importance of advertising and building a client base.  Retention and future sales are the core of every successful retail store.  Building a relationship with your clients is essential, trust and value will always outweigh cost with repeat customers.  Provide the value, build the trust and they will return AND tell their friends, an added bonus!

Henry Ford once said: “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”

Some small business owners fail to continue advertising when business is good, feeling there is no need since revenue is high, but thoughtful continuous advertising will reap benefits during lean times and show larger profits during the superior periods.  Repetition of brand, services and products with quality marketing materials is the base for all advertising, to abandon that strategy is a recipe for failure.

More reasons for thoughtful, consistent advertising:

  • Every market fluctuates, consistently being seen and recognized will generally win the majority of business during lean times.
  • The easiest and most profitable sale is within your current client base.  Advertising to your loyal shoppers works.
  • Consistent advertising re-enforces the strength & longevity of a business and promotes a positive message to employees.
  • When have you ever NOT noticed your completion and their advertising?  It never stops.
  • Be dynamic, as the seasons, trends and technology change, change with it.  Your advertising message will get stale to the public if left unchanged.
  • Current customers are always encouraged to change their shopping loyalties.  Keep your competition at bay with effective advertising.
  • Repetition is Revenue!  In the race for consistent business, the turtle will always beat the rabbit.

Long term and short term advertising goals are easy with Heritage Printing & Graphics, one call or email will get you on the path to a thoughtful, consistent and successful advertising campaign.

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The First Step is Marketing

Marketing Materials

We hire marketing managers to help us focus on our advertising, branding and PR, that is the first step.

Promoting your business is vital for growth, done correctly through direct mail, newsletters and personalized mailings it’s effective and can bring in more prospects.  A good marketing strategy coupled with a frugal advertising campaign will get your company more opportunities.

All the leads in the world don’t equal sales!  Marketing is step 1, sales is step 2 and arguably the most important, along with providing value to the customer.  The means to sell your products, services and company is vital to generating sales.

Here is a simple 5 step process for growing a business:

  1. Marketing/Advertising to generate leads
  2. Sell your services as the solution
  3. Process to manufacture the product
  4. Deliver as promised
  5. Retention

It all sounds so very simple, but any miscue at any step will cost you a valuable and potentially long term customer.

I could define in depth the Heritage method for successful business management, but instead I will focus on step 1; Marketing & Advertising.

Few companies in the Charlotte area can provide a business with the turn key marketing and promoting materials that Heritage Printing & Graphics offer.  All work is done in-house by our dedicated team of professionals.  From concept to completion, we get the job done right, on time and on budget!

If you feel your marketing strategy could use a boost, call me personally to discuss your process, I will be happy to offer solutions that have been very successful to many of our clients.

Joe Gass
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Personalized Mailing Services

Personalized Mailing Service

Some business owners believe that competition forces them to get better at marketing and reduce overhead.  But loosing profit and customers via “Lean Managing” may not be a good idea.

20% of most customers typically comprise 80% of a business’s profits.  Is it smart to compromise your 80% for a potential 20%?  The real solution is retaining current clients.  Retention is often discussed but rarely enacted.

To realize your clients are considering other options is unsettling, but in this economy, it’s a reality.

Customer feedback is vital.  Understanding how they interpreted the experience is knowledge and knowledge is empowering!  Taking for granted that a new client is happy is another mistake many businesses make, it’s too easy to get “Busy at Work” and lose sight of the big picture.

Phone calls and emails are good communication tools, but to attempt that with a large client base can be time consuming and ineffective.  Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with your clients and get feedback as well, it’s also an effective means for “Early Warning Signs” that obstacles may be on the horizon.

Avoiding potentially losing a client can be
advantageous and extremely profitable!

Company newsletters, especially personalized mailing services from Heritage Printing and Graphics is the answer for many companies.  Our ability to create unique mailers for specific individuals or companies will keep you in their mind.

Personalization Mailing Features:

  • Unique Text
  • Unique Offers
  • Unique Images
  • Unique URL’s
  • Unique QR Codes

Customized marketing efforts are known to have a much better response rate than static mail.  Impress your long term clients with personalized mailing services and stay in touch with your clients.

We can definitely help you with your next project!

Joe Gass
Heritage Printing & Graphics
Charlotte, NC
2739 Interstate Street, Charlotte NC 28208 (704) 551-0700
2639 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008 (202) 609-9761
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