The Insider’s Guide to Custom Displays

Standing out at the convention is not an option,
it’s a PRIORITY!



Growing your business, utilizing our Charlotte conventions and trade shows, is an outstanding marketing campaign. In 2015, the Charlotte Convention Center alone, hosted 448 events, how many event venues are in Charlotte? Hundreds!Convention Displays

That’s why event marketing works.

The obvious tip for maximizing return at any event, is being remembered and called upon or obtaining permission to follow-up with a prospect. Nothing opens that door better than a custom display, here’s your insider’s guide to a custom display from Heritage Printing.

Prison Break Display

Engineering and design are paramount for your display. Our experience in unique, “one of a kind” displays are unmatched in Charlotte. Our team of designers, engineers and carpenters work with you to select the right style and materials to promote you and your company.

Engaging displays keep potential clients staying at your booth longer. Digital displays, interacting with your backdrop, provides the opportunity to capture attendee’s information for later soliciting. We cleverly integrate various attractive devices to give you the edge over your competitor.

Need to be portable? Never a problem.

We have an array of portable displays ready to be custom printed with your company brand and message. We guarantee to match your provided company Pantone colors.custom display

We work with you from concept to completion. We have full-time staff of experienced graphic artists, with a combined 60+ years of custom display design and engineering experience. We have no difficulty providing “eye-popping” displays with outstanding customer service.

When looking for something extra special for your next Charlotte convention, make Heritage Printing your first call. We will not disappoint.


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

How to setup a Ready Pop Display

Ready Pop Display

Ready Pop Display

A Ready Pop differs from the Hop Up display mainly in the ease to assemble and disassemble. The significant improvement in the interlocking support hooks make the Ready Pop a new favorite display for trade show veterans.

In this tutorial video, Lamar and Brent demonstrate exactly how simple this event display is to erect.


  1. Unpack the Ready Pop from the molded plastic hard case (optional)

  2. Remove the display from the nylon travel carry bag (included)

  3. Unhook and remove the securing strap

  4. Spread the Ready Pop open by pulling evenly on opposite corners, the accordion style display will expand

  5. Unhook the support feet and connect the interlocking support hooks on the outer rim. Notice at 0:58 seconds into the video, how Lamar easily connects the new and improved supports

  6. Stand the display to rest on the support feet

  7. Attach the side panels with the Velcro tabs

  8. Connect the remaining interior interlocking support hooks

  9. Finished!

In approximately 90 seconds, Lamar and Brent have completely assembled the Ready Pop display!

PDF Setup Instructions

 PDF Spec Sheet


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Retractable Banner Charlotte NC

Retractable Banner

Retractable Banner

Every trade show and convention in Charlotte has lots of retractable banners on display. A retractable banner is the easiest to move, assemble and disassemble of any event display. That’s why they are so popular, they work!

We made hundreds of retractable banners in 2015 and 2016, we use a high quality aluminum base that is durable, lightweight and sturdy.

WHY Buy a Retractable Banner from Heritage?

PRICE: we are very competitive with any high quality banner stand.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: we know you have a choice and we appreciate you choosing us and it shows.

QUALITY: our printers only print high quality, we only have durable Mylar backed vinyl in stock, and we purchase durable stands, never compromising on durability.

FAST: when you need it now, call Heritage 1st!


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing

Retractable Banners