Retractable Banners and Backdrops in Charlotte

Retractable Banners

We are always trying to improve; every person that works at Heritage Printing is directly charged, by Joe Gass himself, with “Thinking Outside the Box.” Regardless of your position, title or salary, everyone is trying to find ways to improve the production process, ergonomics, customer service or equipment we work with.

Heritage always wants to get better!

Recently, a measurable improvement was made by upgrading one of our vendors! Not only is our product line better, we ran a cost study and actually lowered prices on our retractable banner stands. What could be better than an improved product line at better rates for your customers? It’s a WIN, WIN.

Retractable Banners

Last year I asked a local convention center “How many conventions & trade shows are held in Charlotte annually?”

The reply was: “We hosted 32 conventions and trade shows, 9 assemblies, 14 consumer shows and 393 local events in 2104!”

That’s a total of 448 events held at one single Charlotte event venue in the year 2014. That intrigued me so much that I researched further and found Charlotte’s Got a Lot, and according to their information, there are 88 different event venues in Charlotte.


Kevin Math

Let’s do some simple math:

88 venues x 448 events = 39,424 events in Charlotte in 2014!
I’m sure that all 88 venues did not host 448 events, but even if each one only hosted half as many:
88 venues x 224 events = 19,712 events in Charlotte last year.
If they only hosted ¼ of the 448 approximated events from 2014, the estimated total would still be almost 10,000 events:
88 venues x 112 events = 9,856 events in Charlotte!

How many events have you attended and NOT seen Retractable Banners?

Retractable Banners

That’s what makes this so much better, all those event vendors need high quality banners and backdrops and Heritage Printing now has them better than before and at lower prices.

Many of the orders we receive are what we categorize as “Hair on Fire” requests. For a collection of reasons:

  1. Vendors arrive at their event venue in Charlotte and their banner is either missing
  2. Displays are broken
  3. They forgot them all together

Our ability to manufacture a retractable banner in our Charlotte sign shop and deliver it to your event venue is unmatched. Our expedited services include our immaculate customer service.

No other sign shop in Charlotte is as dedicated to making your event banner purchase stress free as we are here at Heritage Printing. We go the extra mile to make you look good at the event without all the drama. From your initial contact to the delivery of your banner, we make getting a retractable banner easy and stress free.

Retractable Banners

We provide 100% In-House Printing and direct shipping to our customers!

With all these events, the need for banners and backdrops is higher than ever. That’s why we are here, we make almost any type of banner or backdrop imaginable, specializing in Step & Repeat banners (the most popular for photo and video backdrops).

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banner stands and fabric backdrop displays have become an essential part of every company’s branding campaign. At every convention and trade show that’s hosted in Charlotte (and across the nation) you will see a plethora of fabric and vinyl step and repeats. Step and repeat banners and backdrops are popular because they positively position your brand to the thousands and possibly millions viewers, both at the event, on social media and via TV viewers when broadcasted.

Smartphones empower anyone to capture and post
immaculate images to social media in minutes.

Step and repeat banners are often used as photograph and video backdrops at interviews, sporting events and press conferences. Adjustable banner stands and retractable banners are a favorite choice for many growing businesses because of their portability, ease of use and value.

Step and Repeat Banners

We specialize in Step and Repeat Banners

  • Our In-House capability means we eliminate the middleman
  • Work directly with a Heritage Printing project coordinator from beginning to end
  • Our staff are wide format printing experts
  • We are strategically located for expedited shipping
  • Local delivery to Charlotte event venues
  • Experienced manufactures of custom trade show displays
  • We employ several graphic artists to help with any design needs

You never get a second chance at a first impression!

Your trade show booth is a direct reflection of you, your business and your products. If you show up with outdated signage, old & inaccurate displays it makes your competitor look even better. When at an event, your direct competition is usually directly across the aisle, obsolete marketing materials gives them an advantage over you!

We offer a grab bag of trade show booth signage and marketing materials, from brochures to 3-D Hanging Structures, we know how to make your booth command more attention and be remembered. We make your banners and backdrops with your company logo to form an impressive background for your booth.

Retractable Banners

We print a variety of unique backdrops to represent specific products or specific events. The fabric backdrop is easily replaced on the same banner stand. Retractable banner stands are the most popular; we make more Retractables than any other event signage item we produce. Impressive and easy to travel, a retractable banner is a must have for regular tradeshow vendors.

3 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

  1. Show up early
  2. Wear comfortable shoes
  3. Use VIBRANT Marketing Materials from Heritage Printing

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing


Something Special

Hicks Total Transformations

Table Runners Charlotte

I try to avoid the “drama” as much as possible on my blog posts, social media and all publications articles that I write. (which at last count was about 27 accounts)

  • The political arena is nothing more than a trap of Quicksand that I fight everyday to avoid. Yes, I have an opinion and yes I like to voice it, so my restraint is something I’m rather proud of.
  • Social Media if full of “Conspiracy Theorists” that need not my fuel for their fire, another pit that I navigate carefully through my daily professional and personal excursions.
  • Religion is the most volatile of all “Hot Topics” that can get me in trouble. I’ve never been afraid to state my Christian beliefs, but I’ve witnessed (even first hand) as how that can boil over into the drama fire.


Here comes my religious comment:

“Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
blessed me with Something Special!”

It was in the form of a very kindly gentleman that impacted every person in our office. Jerry Montgomery, COO of Hicks Total Transformations contacted our office for 2 table runners he needed for an upcoming event. His Google Search for “Table Runners Charlotte” led him to call Chris Ladika, one of our project coordinators.

Since Mr. Montgomery’s table was a custom size and he is a local Charlotte resident, Chris invited him to visit our showroom and bring his table for some measurements. That’s when Something Special happened.

Table Runners Charlotte

The first few minutes Mr. Montgomery was in our office, it was obvious he was a unique individual, his respectful demeanor, his posture and especially his smile is infectious. Being a veteran is a major factor in Jerry’s persona, but kindness and respect come from within, our military helps refine those traits to develop incredible personalities.

Jerry’s return to pick up the table runners was another fun-filled moment, we took pictures, had some laughs and an overall good time during his second visit to our facility.

“Mr. Montgomery is the ideal customer.
He communicates well, is very professional and enjoys an upbeat approach to life.”

Chris Ladika

Jerry’s Table Runners:

  • 107” x 84”
  • Custom Printed
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Ultra-Soft Fabric
  • Hemmed

Jerry was so pleased with his table runners that he placed another order, one that we relish, due to their enormous visual impact: Event Towers.

Event Towers Charlotte NC

The towers were made in time for Hicks Total Transformations next event; Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show in Atlanta, GA. Jerry picked these up on route to Atlanta so we enjoyed a third visit.

We like to set up a customer’s event displays in our production facility to demonstrate firsthand how easy it is to erect, dismantle and store the display. The look on Jerry’s face when he saw his 10’ event tower was priceless!

We all had a little fun, making jokes and taking pictures with Jerry and his tower. With lots of laughs and well wishes, we were all a little more lighthearted, a little happier, a little more up-spirited having been blessed to enjoy Something Special again on that day.

Event Towers Charlotte NC

Event Towers Charlotte

Jerry’s Event Towers:

  • 10’ Tall
  • Made with ½” PVC
  • Double-Side Print
  • Custom Cut
  • 13 Panels per Tower

Here is a snippet about Hicks Total Transformations, from the Hicks Total Transformations website:

On behalf of Hicks Total Transformations International Inc., We would like to personally Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to introduce Hicks Total Transformations products to the global market. Since we first started in 1978, it’s been our Dream to make a special difference in people’s lives through our business, with so many life-changing products already received into the hands of our wonderful customers and friends, and now with your help, we know that together we’re on our way to realizing that dream.

Together, the entire Hicks Total Transformations Family is on a mission to “Take Healthy Beautiful Hair to the World”. Changing lives one at a time. Knowing that each time customers makes a Hicks Total Transformations purchase; they are helping to make that mission possible, through Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it has been our dream to make a special difference in people’s lives through our business, such as life threatening global famine, those that are oppressed by economical restraints, orphan’s, widows and the poor, through our World Outreach Mission. Jesus is the Answer, Vote Jesus. With so many life-changing products already received into the hands of our wonderful customers and friends, and now with your help, we know that together we’re on our way to realizing that dream to continue the research, development, and pioneering work that will bring about even better products for you—that’s our passion, that’s our promise, and with your help, that’s what we’ll continue to do. We truly want to say “thank you” for choosing Hicks Total Transformations.

Again, I rarely air on the religious side, seldom fuel the drama on social media and never jump on the volatile political bandwagon, but when I meet individuals with high levels of professionalism and passion, I know I’m blessed!

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing




Step and Repeat Banners, Photography Backdrops and Video Backgrounds

Step and Repeat

The most popular banners and backdrops
are printed in a Step and Repeat pattern!

Good Morning! Kevin Smith here again: Today we’ll dive into the world of conventions, trade shows and media events. The Internet has changed the way we research and purchase, but successful companies utilize trade shows and conventions to extend their brand recognition.

Build Brand Awareness with a Step And Repeat


What is Step and Repeat?

A print pattern where images, typically company logos, are printed in a repeated pattern is referred to as Step and Repeat. Most will have 2 or more logos repeated to represent multiple brands simultaneously.

Step and Repeat

Why should I order a Step and Repeat from Heritage Printing?



We are Veteran Owned and Operated with 2 production facilities located in the USA, Charlotte, NC and Waldorf, MD. Our owners and staff support our military and local communities faithfully. Click here to learn more about our community involvement.

We specialize in Step and Repeat

Our Charlotte sign shop is equipped with high quality large format fabric, vinyl and rigid substrate printers. We can satisfy practically any order for step and repeats.

We eliminate the middleman

Value is a priority with every marketing purchase, avoiding a liaison significantly removes extra fees. Every step and repeat we sell are 100% produced by Heritage Printing! We are a preferred printer for many liaison agencies.

We are wide format printing experts

Knowledge eliminates mistakes, our staff has accumulated decades of design and wide format printing experience. When it must be done right, Heritage Printing is the only sign shop in Charlotte to call.

We provide the fastest turnaround time in Charlotte

Often times event vendors arrive in Charlotte only to find their step and repeat hasn’t arrived, has been damaged or even worse it’s lost. Our expedited services will have a step and repeat in your hands Super-Fast!

We are the fastest sign shop in Charlotte!

Pantone Color Matching

Compliance departments love our Pantone Color Matching; we guarantee a match your company pantone code. Our clients include: Coke, Carolina Panthers, Sealed Air, Charlotte Hornets and numerous others, all with stringent requirements on their printed marketing materials.

Step and Repeat

What kind of materials are step and repeats printed on?

First time customers don’t always realize the numerous options we provide for step and repeat materials. Here’s a list of materials and how they benefit you.

Fabric makes the best step and repeat; it is durable, folds to an easily transported size and is lightweight. Our “Top of the Line” fabric is the Ultraflex UltraPoplin® Soft Image, it’s 100% polyester with a matte finish, environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. The polyester yarn knit and special coatings make this an easily printable fabric that is wrinkle and crease resistant.

Vinyl is our most requested step and repeat, vinyl options include:

13oz vinyl scrim is the prototypical material we use, it is very durable and with our latex inks, provides a vibrant step and repeat that commands attention.

Mylar is the brand name for a special type of stretched polyester film that is adhered as a backing to the vinyl. Mylar provides a high tensile strength that make our step and repeats extremely durable. We use Mylar reinforced vinyl on most of our retractable banner stands.

Mesh Vinyl provides an outdoor solution for a wind resistant step and repeat. Our PVC coated polyester scrim mesh banner material allows 30% air-flow through, making it ideal for outdoor use. We can design a step and repeat with a transparent background to create 3-Dimensional effect.

Step and Repeat

What are my hardware options to display my step and repeat?

Depending on the event space and venue, there’s an overabundance of hardware options. We utilize the high quality hardware from WS Display. Here’s a list of our most requested display hardware, with hyperlinks to more information on each option.

Banners printed for hanging on a wall or draped like curtains are an affordable option. Our ability to print fabric up to 104” wide and infinite lengths will enable vendors or hosts an array of display options for a step and repeat. We can make pole pockets or insert grommets for any banner.

X Banner Stands are the most affordable option for display hardware. The fiberglass “tent-pole” style stand easily folds out from the central base hub, the built-in hooks effortlessly attach the banners grommets. X Banners come in sizes up to 6’ x 6 ½’ and are excellent for indoor conventions.

Retractable Banner Stands are the most portable banner display. Your banner easily retracts into the stands base and stores/travels in its carrying case (included with every stand). Retractables, aka “Pop Ups” are available in a collection of sizes ranging from 2’ x 6’ up to 6’ x 7’. Retractables are often seen at trade shows, helping vendors maximize brand exposure.

Banner Stands are the best display hardware option. Fabric or vinyl, these durable and lightweight aluminum frames exceed expectations. A variety of sizes from the most attractive 8’ x 8’ to the larger 8’ x 12’. Banner stands are best suited for vendor backgrounds and photography backdrops. Carrying case included

Hop Up Fabric Displays are the mammoth backdrops seen on stage and at larger venues. When you really want to be seen, a Hop Up is unequaled. These incredible units are easily set up and disassembled by 2 individuals. Sizes range up to 8’ x 14’ and have numerous options, even a built in monitor display mount! Carrying case included

Step and Repeat

How can I use a step and repeat?

Our customers have used their step and repeats in many types of events. Here’s some of the most common and a couple unique ways our banners have been employed.

Event Booths: #1 for trade show booth backgrounds. The step and repeat provides great photo and video opportunities.

Press Conference: Press conferences are conducted with a step and repeat backdrop. Either sitting behind a table or standing behind a podium, the banner is an awesome display of the brand while the speaker delivers the message. Impossible to ignore!

Photography Backdrops: The best backdrop for photos and videos, eliminates unwanted background activity, while providing the subject a stable stage.

Weddings: Planners use step and repeats to commemorate the big day. Images used: names, date of the wedding and bride and groom pictures. Great for family pictures and reception pictures.

Birthdays & Bar Mitzvahs: Take fantastic pictures with friends/family and create unforgettable memories.

Step and Repeat

Evolving smartphone technology has the need for banners and backdrops higher than ever. Step and repeat displays have become an essential part of every company’s branding campaign. At every convention and trade show in Charlotte (and across the nation) you will see an overabundance of step and repeats manufactured by Heritage Printing.

Positively position your brand to the thousands and possibly millions of viewers, both at the event, on social media and TV with a step and repeat. With cell phones empowering everyone to capture and post images to social media, brand recognition is more important than ever.

File Upload

Upload individual Hi-Res files, up to 15MB, to yield the highest print quality. Files exceeding 15MB should use our FTP site. Click Here to upload via FTP

Fast Shipping

3 business day turnaround (following final proof approval) and expedited services available. We also deliver locally with our Heritage Printing van.

I personally extend an open invitation to tour our manufacturing facility in Charlotte. Call me to schedule a personal tour: 704-551-0700

Visit us at 2739 Interstate St.
(between Billy Graham Parkway & Freedom Dr.)
(Google map)


Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing