Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

One of the fantastic aspects of our daily duties is the distinctive projects and enthusiastic individuals we are blessed to work with. Sealed Air (the manufactures of the bubble wrap everyone loves to POP) broke the mold when it comes to fun projects and unbelievable clients.


A recent project (one of many we’ve enjoyed w/ Sealed Air) was the creation of POP Props to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, which is observed on Monday January 25. Much of the celebration will take place on social media with posting, sharing, liking and retweeting the Bubble Wrap fun.


Lamar Scott, our Lead Graphic Designer and Project Manager, has worked with Sealed Air on numerous occasions and was quoted: It’s a joy to work with enthusiastic and creative groups of people, Sealed Air definitely fits the bill!


Lamar worked with the Sealed Air creative staff to brainstorm the upcoming event and how to participate in the event in a unique manner. The idea of attaching bubble wrap to unique POP Props was the end result. After testing the concept to satisfaction, the proof was approved and we were ready to “Go to Print.”


The order was for 800 “POP Props” all wrapped in bubble wrap and 100 custom printed stickers. Here’s the list:

7 Unique POP Props

  1. Mustache POPs
  2. Soda POP Can
  3. POPcorn
  4. King of POP Crown
  5. Queen of POP Crown
  6. POP Star
  7. POP Callouts
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Stickers 24” x 24”
  • Custom Picture Frames (used for social media selfies)

Everything (except the 100 stickers) were Direct Image UV Printed to foam core substrates with bubble wrap adhered directly to the printed board. The bubble wrapped boards were positioned on our CNC Router, which custom cut each POP Prop to the exact dimensions, now the POP Props were ready for handles.

Trevor Gibson and Brent Thompson produce nearly everything in our Charlotte sign shop and they take exceptional pride in the “Entertaining” projects. Attaching sticks to 700 props is not going to be the highlight of your week, but the guys really got into the project and with the stereo a blast, they knocked it out with a lot of jokes also attached at no additional charge.

Everyone loves to POP Bubble Wrap and Sealed Air makes it a lot more Fun! Trevor Gibson



Sara Abadi, Global Communications Specialist with Sealed Air was quoted: “We’re going to take a lot of pictures and videos with our friends, kids and even our pets having fun with our new POP Props. Then we’re going to post them to our Social Media channels using the festive hashtags #BubbleWrapDay and #KeepPopping.”

Sara elaborated further on Sealed Air: “We love our new home in Charlotte and will be protecting local people and places that help make the #QueenCityPop.

She also had good many things to say about our community: “From NASCAR to the Charlotte Symphony, we’re partnering with cultural icons, organizations, and hot spots around town to engage the Charlotte community with our historic brand and show them that we appreciate what makes the Queen City great.”

Follow Sealed Air and all their social media antics thru their website at: and don’t forget to stop by one of their POP Up stress relief stations at the Gantt Center or Triple C Brewery on January 23. POP some Bubble Wrap, take a few selfies with the new customized frames and share the fun on social media.


Every day is a new opportunity, another chance to have some fun and make someone smile, we love what we do and working with incredible people on cool projects keeps it very interesting.

Kevin Smith
Marketing Manager
Heritage Printing







In March of 2014, we had the opportunity to work with Europa Sports Products on the biggest show on their annual calendar of events.  Up to that point we had done some of their signs and vinyl decals, but none were of this magnitude.  They attend a large national sports nutrition convention every year.  This year it was in Ohio and they wanted to make a statement.  It was only right that we “flexed” our muscles and made their marketing department visions come to life.  Their display consisted of a large amount of foam core signage, retractable banner stands, 8’x8’ fabric backdrops and a massive 20’ fabric displays with four different two sided panels that were hung from the ceiling above their exhibit area.

Our retractable banner stands come in three, four and five foot widths.  Each comes with a padded carrying case for easy and safe transportation to your events.  These stands are portable and affordable tools to help you present your message to those in attendance at your event.

The unique attribute that they requested was to be able to add “WELCOME” onto the banner as they pleased.  We printed “WELCOME” on a magnetic strip with the same graphic to overlay in place.  The strip would be held in place by a piece of thin metal applied to the back.

Europa made spectators’ jaws drop and heads turn with their booth set up.  People could not help but notice and applaud them for their market presence.  Their 8’x20’ fabric displays could be seen from anywhere in the convention center.

Heritage Printing & Graphics helped Europa make a statement by producing stunning event display products.  We can do the same for you.  Just give us a call and we will help take your brand to the next level!

To see these images and more examples of our event display services and products, visit these pages on our website:

Event Displays

Portable Fabric Backdrops

Banners and Backdrops


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More on Step & Repeat

Step & Repeat Displays

Step & Repeat Displays

Why has the Step & Repeat market exploded in the past 3 years?
Simple, we (as a nation) are more communicable than ever!

With new technology comes better communication and more frequency to expose your brand, expand your marketing and increase your advertising.  Step & Repeat banners and backdrops from Heritage Printing & Graphics are in the middle of all this innovative progress.  Click here to visit our Step & Repeat web page.

Here are a few of the things we research and develop at our Leonardtown & Charlotte production facilities:

  • Mobile:  The cell phone industry is so competitive that it seems every few months a new model is being released with better options, software, imagery and video capabilities.  We embrace this technology and realize that NOW, more than ever, large to small businesses are producing in-house advertising and need our Step & Repeat Banners & Backdrops.
    Smart phones, tablets and pads have put marketing technology in the hands of people without the need of expensive equipment, software and years of experience.  And, you can produce a very nice piece, especially with our affordable Step & Repeat options.
  • Internet:  Much like mobile, the Internet keeps growing and improving.  This again, enables the novice to integrate an advertisement platform, seek guidance for a marketing campaign and research options to better improve their placement in their market.  Many companies, like Heritage Printing, utilize Internet Marketing as a primary source of branding and our Step & Repeat backdrops help them look good online.
  • YouTube:  Since Google purchased YouTube, the improvements have been monumental.  Experts, combined with money, will almost always provide positive results!  YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the Internet!  People expect to see good videos now and our Step & Repeat product line makes even the smallest company look great!
  • Social Media:  It’s amazing how Facebook and several other social media websites have reshaped the Internet and united another powerful avenue for promoting a business.  Few things are better than a viral Hashtag, so why not put a picture or video (or both) with it while standing in front of a Step & Repeat Backdrop?

Advertising and marketing will never go away, the quality is improving and the cost is decreasing!  Call one of our account executives @ 704-551-0700 for more information on how Heritage Printing and Step & Repeat Banners and Backdrops can help improve your business.


Joe Gass
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2639 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008 (202) 609-9761
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