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Add Value to Stay Ahead

Focus on adding value if you want to stay ahead

I ran across an interesting quote recently that I thought I’d share. “Times are tough. In times like these, clients tend to focus on the value proposition. ‘Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks’ is not a phrase you hear a lot in recessions. Instead, your customers will tend to have their eyes transfixed on your value proposition. ‘How does this spend make me better off?'”

I saw that on a site about something entirely un-print related, but it is so true for so many industries that it cried out to be quoted. Printing hasn’t been about “seeing what sticks” for years. I bet your industry hasn’t either. I know that we have been focusing on making you better off for an awfully long time. But even so, it bears repeating.

You need marketing. Why? Because you want customers. But you don’t want to waste your marketing dollars. As printers, we recognize that and have continued to adapt our product and service line to remain in line with our customers’ needs as they evolve.

Of course, the same is true of your customers and the products and services you provide to them. Your customers don’t want to spend money just for the sake of the next new thing. Make sure your value proposition makes sense to your customers, too.

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Is Your Brand Suffering from an Identity Crisis?

The brand personality of your company can help attract the clients you want and keep you away from the clients you don’t.

Branding goes hand in hand with marketing, and like marketing, haphazard won’t cut it. It’s very important that a brand reflect YOU. If you are being talked into pastels and soft colors and you’re a rock-and-roll, edgy person, you are never going to be able to use your branding with confidence. So, be deliberate about injecting your brand into every aspect of your marketing. Colors, logos, design elements, writing style, where you advertise, office decor — these are all important components of your branding. So are confidence, value proposition, and core values.

Randy Shattuck of The Shattuck Group writes: “Your company’s brand strength is the sum total of opinions that the market holds of your business. If you were to poll your top 20 clients, what would they say about you? What about 100 companies that fit your target profile and know about you but don’t do business with you? How about your top five competitors? These polls can be eye-opening.”

A consistently communicated brand exudes confidence, goes hand-in-hand with your marketing plan, and can powerfully attract customers.


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