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Business Netiquette

Since so much of today’s business communications occur online, the proper use of netiquette (internet etiquette) will ensure your messages are received in the manner you intended.
Here are a few tips to help you communicate online more professionally:
  • When sending a message to a customer or employee, assume that others will see it. You won’t be notified if the recipient forwards your message to others.
  • Create an e-mail signature that automatically appears at the end of each message you send, including contact information such as your company’s name, website, and telephone number.
  • Use a relevant subject line. If you wish to write about separate business issues, send a separate message accordingly.
  • If you forward a message, clean up the original message and include a note why you think the forward will interest the recipient.
  • Ask before sending large attachments, and find out their restrictions, file size limitations, etc. Compress attachments whenever possible.
  • Respond within a reasonable time. If customers don’t receive a timely response from you, they will likely take their business elsewhere.
  • If you are unavailable to answer e-mails, use an auto-responder such as “out of office” to inform senders when you will be checking messages again.
  • Avoiding sending “me too” responses. It is not enough content and is often an annoyance.
  • Avoid using emoticons. The meaning of your message should be contained within the words themselves.
  • Keep your message short, but don’t sacrifice understanding with brevity.

Looking for other ways to improve communications online or offline? Nobody says it better than our creative team, so stop by for more ideas today!


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