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Cell Phone Tips & Tricks

Just because you don’t own a “smart-phone” doesn’t mean it’s dumb. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks on how to expand the features of a basic cell phone (remember that regular message rates do apply):

  • Use text messages to send and receive status updates on social networks such as Facebook. Visit your account settings page and select “register for Facebook text messages” under the mobile tab. This will enable you to receive texts for friend requests, messages, wall posts, and your friends’ status updates, as well as update your own status via text message.
  • Search Google via texting. Text GOOGLE (466453) with your search query and you will receive results via text. Simply start your text with the type of information you’re looking for such as “Weather: Houston, TX.”
  • Free 411 Search. Google (GOOG-411 or 800/466-4411) and Microsoft (Bing411 or 800/246-4411) offer free business directory assistance services, and will connect you to the number you look up for free. Bing also provides other services such as driving directions, horoscopes, weather, sports, news headlines, and finding a taxi. For residential phone numbers, try 800/Free411 (800/373-3411) which offers both business and white pages listings (although you have to listen to an audio ad).
  • Retrieve directions without GPS. Text GOOGLE (466453) your starting address, followed by “to” and your destination address. Keep in mind your response may be sent in several separate messages due to text character limits.
  • Receive Major League Baseball scores on demand. First sign up on the website and then text the MLBGO (65246) with the name of any team and you’ll receive a free on-demand scoring update (or you can sign up for automated team alerts for $4 per team).
  • Send a text to a landline. Your message will be converted into a computerized voice recording that can even leave a message on voicemail if no one answers. Check with your wireless carrier for fees and availability of this service.
  • Get weather on demand by texting your zip code or city and two-letter state abbreviation to The Weather Channel (42278 or 78676).
  • Receive news, Craiglist postings, sports scores, and more by texting 4INFO (44636) with your desired keywords.

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Some Modern Pricing Stands the Test of Time

Ever find yourself waxing nostalgic about the days when gas was less than $1.00 per gallon, soft drinks cost 10 cents, and you could feed a family of four for under $10? Inflation seems to be a natural part of life… except when it comes to technology. While most consumables have gotten more expensive with time, many of today’s high-powered consumer electronic goods are vastly cheaper than their predecessors, when compared in today’s dollars.

For example, the Atari 2600 sold for $200 in 1977. Today, Nintendo’s Wii sells for the same price, while Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sells for around $250. On the surface, these numbers seem comparable, but in reality, they are not. At $200 in 1977, that Atari would put you back $589 today.

And what about cellphones? In 1983, a DynaTAC 8000x sold for $4,000. Today, the Apple iPhone sells for around $499. That’s a striking enough difference by any standards, but if you calculate the price in today’s dollars, that DynaTAC would run you a staggering $8,589.

Televisions, computers, printers, and other consumer electronics have also gone down in price significantly, even as the technology behind them has improved by leaps and bounds., a trusted source for information on web hosting technologies, has put together an infographic featuring these and other comparisons that will show you just how good we have it today when it comes to consumer electronics pricing. You can find the details on Intac’s website, at

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Heritage Printing & Graphics…. Improving Your Image in the Marketplace

 Signs, Banners, Posters, Displays, Decals, Wall, Window & Floor Graphic, Backlit Signs, Brochures, Booklets and Publications, Marketing Materials & Direct Mail

5900 Harris Technology Blvd., Suite G, Charlotte, NC 28269, 704-551-0700 

22725 Washington Street, Leonardtown, Maryland 20650,  301-475-1700