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Ten Ways to Create the Wrong Brochure

By Joe Gass at Heritage Printing & Graphics

To be successful, a brochure needs to be produced with a precise objective and a target reader in mind. It’s best to create the least elaborate brochure likely to achieve its objectives.

Deciding on Your Purpose
Brochures fall into two broad categories — those that introduce a new product or service to a likely customer and those that turn an already interested customer into a buyer.

Using Color
Full color is more costly but is justified if the product or service you are offering needs color to show its features. For example, a wallpaper brochure or a brochure of knitwear would not work effectively in anything other than full color. Another reason for using full color may be to compete head-on with a rival’s color brochure.

10 Ways to Create the Wrong Brochure

  1. Being concerned with the looks, but forgetting the sales objective.
  2. Giving the printer poor artwork, but expecting excellent results.
  3. Forgetting to emphasize the unique selling proposition of your business.
  4. Omitting (or hiding) prices if they are critical to the reader’s decision-making.
  5. Printing too many brochures with details that date too quickly.
  6. Giving insufficient thought to how the brochure should best be distributed.
  7. Using text on the brochure that is too small to read easily.
  8. Including poor-quality or inappropriate illustrations.
  9. Allowing a fussy or complex design to distract from the key selling message.
  10. Forgetting to monitor the response.

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Effective Communication with Annual Reports

A Reflection of your Company’s Commitment to Success

Annual reports are powerful communication tools that reflect your organization’s commitment to success. Not only do they support your corporate brand, identity, and marketing communications, but they also give you an opportunity to present your best image when connecting with customers, employees, and investors. Here are a few tips on how to create an impressive annual report:

  • Create a schedule and a table of contents. Plan all content in advance, assigning pieces to appropriate personnel. For example, ask the accounting department for necessary financial reports.
  • Include a letter from an organizational leader to provide an overview of the year’s activities and accomplishments and communicate your vision for the future.
  • Provide supplemental data to support your account of the company’s performance. If you don’t provide answers to questions that are out there, readers may come up with their own answers, which may not always be in your favor.
  • Focus on numbers, since annual reports are typically driven by financial data. The financial status of your organization will help you choose the layout and appearance of your annual report.
  • Create a layout that is consistent and recognizable with your brand image, utilizing logos, corporate colors, fonts, and graphics consistent with other publications.
  • Provide recognition when appropriate, such as donors and volunteers in nonprofits or key staff members in for-profit organizations.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to tell your story and showcase accomplishments, irresistible photos, and projects coming up in the future. Don’t forget to include contact information should the reader want more information.
  • Develop a design that is attractive and easy to read, utilizing white space, color photos, simple fonts, headlines, text callouts, and brief paragraphs.
  • Be consistent with messaging from other communications. When thinking of content, consider previous presentations or marketing materials.
  • Utilize reader-friendly graphs and charts that help convey detailed financial and statistical data.
  • Consider hiring an experienced designer and writer to create a professional document in a fraction of time it would take internal staff.
  • Think green. If you are using environmentally friendly sources and processes, such as recycled paper and soy inks, be sure to publish these efforts to take full advantage of their impact.

Look to our team of experts at Heritage Printing & Graphics if you’d like help creating a professional annual report you can be proud to distribute.

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