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The Profit Power of Coupons

A Great Way to Overcome Sluggish Sales

With most consumers looking for ways to save money, an enticing coupon offer is a great way to overcome slow sales and woo penny pinchers. Here are a few tips on how to include coupons in your next marketing promotion:

  • Staple coupons to receipts during purchase transactions which offer savings on their next purchase. This builds customer loyalty by offering a reward that encourages customers to return again.
  • Track the response rate of promotions by including a special code on each coupon campaign.
  • Include reasonable expiration dates that encourage a timely call to action.
  • Feature coupons on your web site. Customers often research companies online, and are more likely to make an initial purchase with an enticing coupon offer. Request the recipients e-mail address in exchange for future promotions.
  • For promotions with short time cycles, send coupons via e-mail to your prospects and customers in your database.
  • Integrate coupon promotions with your overall campaign by including with information requests, sales packets, or designing as part of your mailer, such as a tear-away postcard or business card.
  • Offer considerable discount coupons to customers who refer your business to others.
  • Post your promotion on coupon web sites. Coupon sites are growing in popularity and are often a great way to drive consumers to your web site to learn more about your company.
  • Create special promotions that advertise your first 100 customers will receive a 30% off or valuable buy one, get one coupon at the door.
  • Support your community by encouraging customers to donate food, clothes or toys to local shelters, and reward them with discount coupons to your business.  
  • Learn from other coupons. Start paying attention to coupons you receive in the mail or view online, and think about features that catch your attention or motivate you to purchase.
  • Offer an opportunity for those who redeem coupons to enter a drawing for a prize (include space for the customers’ contact information on the back of your coupon). It is a way to track recipients who have purchased from you.

Overall, coupons are a win-win for everyone. Customers get the deal they’re looking for and you benefit from extra sales and the opportunity to promote your local business information. If you’d like help creating coupons your prospects and customers enjoy using, contact Heritage Printing & Graphics today!  We can help you with all of your printing and visual communication needs.

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