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Uncle Sam Want’s You

Custom Printed Posters

Large full-color posters have been an effective method of advertising for hundreds of years. Designed in 1917 by J.M. Flagg, Uncle Sam’s “I Want You for the U.S. Army” poster is one of the most iconic images in American history. Today, posters continue as an inexpensive tool for publicizing upcoming events, promoting messages, or advertising new products and services.

Created for viewers on the move, effective posters can capture a viewer’s attention immediately and spark them to react. Here are a few things to consider when creating your next poster campaign:

  • Simplicity. Some of the best posters don’t say much. Your message should be short, but communicate your message effectively. One of the best ways to spark curiosity is to include an attention grabbing photo, catchy headline, and a web site that is easy to remember. You can provide detailed information on your web site, and entice readers to sign up on your mailing list for additional updates.
  • Branding. When designing your poster, be sure it portrays your company brand, including your logo, tagline, brand colors, and anything else that sets your brand apart.
  • Traffic. Posters are a great way to spread your message to a large audience, so be sure you place them in high-traffic areas where they won’t go unnoticed. Your message should be able to reach the right people to make your campaign effective.

If you’d like help creating a poster to spread the word, give us a call today. We’ll help you create an eye-catching, attractive poster that is sure to get noticed.

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Marketing Your Charlotte Business with Twitter

July 14, 2009

Twitter is a free, social networking service which offers a new-age way to enhance brand recognition and build relationships with your prospects and customers. Twitter enables users to micro-blog, or communicate through small, quick spurts of content and reach thousands of people every day.

Here are few tips on how to use Twitter as part of your online marketing strategy to target new business in Charlotte and anywhere else in the world.

  • Create a list of topics for posting before you get started. The more you plan out your endeavor, the more you’ll benefit from marketing on Twitter.
  • Follow your competitors. Your competitors will have already sought out a similar target audience you want to reach, which enables you to catch up quickly. You can also track your competitors’ marketing tactics and messaging.
  • Make a commitment to Twitter before starting. Twitter requires constant involvement and timely follow-up. Without this, Twitter loses its credibility. Successful Twitter marketing also requires intelligent message writing. With only 140 characters at your disposal, choosing the right message and responses is crucial to your success.
  • Strengthen your brand image. Create an interesting profile by posting photos and information about your company. Be sure to seek out people, companies and groups that you are interested in on a personal level, too, even if they are unlikely to use your services. This helps create a personality for your company, which can help make you seem more accessible and friendly.
  • Participation is key. Users must be willing to participate in online conversations and communicate with other businesses, consumers, and individuals. Not only can you share your industry knowledge, but it gives you the opportunity to spread the word about your business and share something about yourself with the rest of the community.
  • Inform people of new products and services offered by your company. The Twitter community is a great way to stay on top of industry news, as well as promote your new products and services. However, don’t to make product or service promotions the sole focus of your Twitter account. Twitter is a social network, not a medium for spamming. Be sure to post only meaningful, relevant content that readers will look forward to reading.
  • Drive traffic to your web site. You can add links to your website, blog or press releases, which is also a great way to increase your company’s exposure.
  • Promote events. If your company is throwing an event or attending a conference, you can tweet (create a status update or post) about it to generate interest in the event. Pre-networking can add value to the relationships you then create in person.
  • Create unique ways to interact with readers. Engage others in your field by asking thoughtful questions, request feedback on your products, take polls, and facilitate conversation.
  • Follow relevant Twitter feeds. The owner of a feed will be notified when you follow their feeds, creating awareness and building traffic for your own company as well.
  • Use it as a back-up form of communication. Twitter is a reliable tool for communicating with customers if your website or email servers go down.
  • Read feedback about your company without a formal survey. If you search for your company’s name using twitter search, it will return all the tweets where people mention the terms you search for. This is a great way to gain insight on opinions behind the scenes.

Whether you are selling a product or a service in Charlotte, or want to make your company’s name more visible in Europe, Twitter is an advantageous way to attract interest in what your company is all about.  If you’re looking for other ideas on how to communicate with your prospects and customers, give Heritage a call! We’d love to show you examples of marketing materials that will create a significant impact on your business.

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Marketing by Personality

Marketing by Personality

Marketing can be tricky business if you don’t understand the needs of your target audience. By understanding the personalities of your potential clients, you can communicate more effectively and provide them the information that is important to them when receiving marketing messages.

The DISC Profile is a great way to understand different personalities and how they receive marketing messages. DISC is one of the most popular four quadrant behavioral and personality models which looks at behavior styles and preferences. The four DISC personality types are: “D” or dominant personalities, “I” or influence, “S” or steady, and “C” or compliant personalities.

High “D” people are often strong willed, determined, demanding, egocentric, ambitious, and aggressive. They are likely to start and run a successful small business. Deadlines and features are important when marketing to a high “D” audience because they want just the facts. You will lose them if there is not something immediately interesting about your product or service prominently displayed. High “D’s” generally make buying decisions quickly and expect to implement your product or service immediately upon purchase.

High “I” people are often enthusiastic, persuasive, warm, convincing, magnetic, demonstrative, trusting, and optimistic. They can also be a driving force in growing a business, relying on personal contact to grow their customer base and make sales. High “I” buyers are often looking for new things to try and are willing to learn more about your product or service if it will help their business. Testimonials and feedback from other clients are key in decision making.

High “S” people are patient, predictable, relaxed, deliberate, consistent, and tend to be unemotional. These people are unlikely to be swayed by marketing messages. High “S” buyers rarely look for new products, because they are set in their ways. To get your message across, you will have to send them several messages and expect multiple sales calls and a long implementation schedule. The upside is that once you close the deal, they are unlikely to change vendors anytime soon.

High “C” people are cautious, systematic, diplomatic, accurate, and tactful. They are excellent support people who play an important part in making the business successful, setting up systems, handling payroll, and making sure that product or service levels are met. High “C” buyers need a lot of documentation to make a buying decision, including product specifications, service, pricing, etc., and they will be willing to spend a lot of time researching before purchasing.

By taking time to understand your prospects’ personality type, you can craft the most effective marketing strategy possible. If you’re looking for other ideas on how to create marketing materials that will appeal to your audience, stop by today! Together we can bring your ideas to life.

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