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Improve Your Wireless Network

Improve Your Wireless Network

If you’ve received warnings about a weak wireless signal or lost your connection entirely, here are a few tips for extending your wireless range and improving your wireless network performance.

  • Position your wireless router in a central location. If you can’t move your wireless router, simply try moving it off the floor and away from walls and metal objects (such as metal file cabinets) which interfere with your router’s wireless signals.
  • Replace your router’s antenna. Standard antennas broadcast in all directions around the router, so if your router is near an outside wall, half of your signal is sent outside your home, wasting much of your router’s power. A hi-gain antenna focuses wireless signals only one direction so you can aim your signal in the direction you need it most.
  • Add a wireless repeater, which will extend your wireless network range without adding any wiring. Just place the wireless repeater halfway between your wireless access point and your computer, and you’ll get an instant boost to your wireless signal strength.
  • Change your wireless channel. Wireless routers can broadcast on several different channels similar to the way radio stations use different channels. Try changing your wireless router’s channel through your router’s configuration page to see if your signal strength improves.
  • Replace your laptop’s wireless network adapter. Wireless network signals are sent both to and from your computer, but sometimes the computer doesn’t effectively send signals back to your router. If your laptop has a PC card-based wireless network adapter, replace it with a USB network adapter that uses an external antenna. Note: laptops with built-in wireless typically have excellent antennas and don’t need to have their network adapters upgraded.
  • Update your network adapter driver. Free updates may increase your router’s performance. To get the latest updates for your wireless router, visit your router manufacturer’s web site.

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