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Promote Your Lemonade Stand

Promote Your Lemonade Stand

Have you ever noticed how determined and upbeat a child at a lemonade stand is? They are thrilled for an opportunity to promote their product, entice a crowd, and sell as much lemonade as they can. They may only earn a few dollars, but they are excited to go out and try again. Here are a few tips on how to start selling like a 6-year-old:

  • Give potential customers a taste of what you have to offer. Similar to how a child may offer a free sample of lemonade, try offering first time customers a free or discounted sample of your products or services.
  • Add a special touch. If your prospects or customers feel like they receive special treatment, they’ll likely tell their friends and are sure to return.
  • Spread the word. Kids love to run next door to the neighbors and tell them about their new business. In the business world, networking is just as effective and important.
  • Get noticed. Sometimes a simple sign isn’t enough to attract business. You may need to jump up and down at passing cars, or simply spread your enthusiasm for your business.
  • Don’t give up. Even though many cars will likely pass you by, the ones who stop can make your business worthwhile, so don’t forget to be persistent.
  • Find a good partner. Don’t team with someone who will stand around and drink your profits. Instead find someone who will jump up and down with you and help you and draw more business.

Next time you plan business strategies such as price structuring and return on investments, start thinking about core marketing tactics that can help any business succeed.   And if you need help developing marketing materials to promote your great ideas, let us know! Our creative experts can help you become the most popular lemonade stand in the region.

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Color Talks….Are You Listening?

Next time you want to make a bold statement to your Charlotte area prospects and clients, try saying it with color!

Depending on what type of message or meaning you wish to convey, the color combinations you choose can support, emphasize, or contradict your message. Color stimulates the senses, symbolizes abstract concepts and thoughts, expresses fantasy or wish fulfillment, and produces an aesthetic or emotional response.

According to the Institute for Color Research, humans make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or item within 90 seconds of initial viewing, and the majority of that assessment is based on color alone. Because color delivers an instant impression that is generally understood universally, color is very important in conveying a mood or idea where verbiage is not used or understood.

The power of color combinations can also be seen on many levels of marketing communication, including corporate identification and logos, signage, television ads, billboards, print media and packaging, online web sites, and on point-of-purchase displays.

Here is a small sampling of dominant colors and the responses they elicit:

Red: Exciting, energizing, sexy, hot, dynamic, stimulating, provocative, aggressive, powerful, Charlotte,
Bright Pink: Happy, attention-getting, youthful, spirited, fun, wild
Light Pink: Romantic, soft, sweet, tender, cute, babies
Orange: Fun, childlike, harvest, juicy, friendly, loud
Beige: Classic, sandy, earthy, natural, soft
Brown: Wholesome, warm, woodsy, rustic, durable, masculine
Purple: Royalty, powerful, expensive
Light Blue: Calm, quiet, peaceful, cool, water, clean
Bright Blue: Electric, vibrant, stirring, dramatic
Bright Yellow: Enlightening, sunshine, cheerful, friendly, energy, happy
Black: Powerful, elegant, mysterious, bold, classic, magical, nighttime
Silver: Classic, cool, money, valuable, futuristic
Gold: Warm, opulent, expensive, radiant, valuable, prestigious

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