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The Risk of Over Designing


Simplicity is often seen, but it s a concept that is not easily explained. For some graphic designers, it’s second nature. For others, it involves much forethought. Today’s designers are trending toward more simple, clutter-free designs, as they return to simplicity. Here are some examples of how the traditional theme of less is more is used:

  • Advertising
    Not only can simple ads grab attention, but their short and to the point messages are also easier to comprehend. The concept of “less is more” is especially effective when writing ad copy.
  • Catalogs and Brochures
    Catalogs and brochures are expected to be a vast source of information, yet readers appreciate when they are simplified, organized, and easy to read and comprehend. Simplicity is often its own reward since it encourages increased use.
  • Packaging
    Like a poster, a package needs to attract the eye within seconds of its initial viewing. In recent years, shelves have been jammed with products whose designers have attempted to out-design one another. This gives simple package designs featuring primary colors, bold copy, white space, and clean design the ability to effectively break through the clutter.
  • Identity
    Not only do logos convey the personality of a company, but they also offer a memorable impression. Simple designs that incorporate a company’s complex ideas are the root of a logo’s power.

One of the perks of being a designer is the ability to develop a personality or character for a company or product. For designers, simplicity means a return to basics, but not at the expense of creative design.

Joe Gass, President
Heritage Printing and Graphics
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9 Great Ways to Prevent Spam in Your E-Mail Inbox

Prevent Spam in Your E-mail Inbox

What four-letter word do internet users hate the most? Spam. Everyone is annoyed by unsolicited e-mail messages promoting miracle diets, get rich quick schemes, amazing beauty products, and more. Believe it or not, your behavior has likely played a big role in determining who has access to your e-mail address, including spammers. Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of spam attacking your inbox:

  • Preview your messages before you open them. If you can tell that the message is spam simply from the subject line, don’t open it – simply delete it. Many e-mail accounts allow you to use a preview mode to peek at the contents of a message before actually opening it. In Outlook, go to View>Preview Pane. Click the message just once to view the message in your preview pane without opening it.
  • Never respond to spam messages. If you reply or even click the “unsubscribe” link, it informs your spammer that you read your mail and your address is valid. As a result, you may receive even more junk mail.
  • Don’t click links in a spam e-mail. Spammers can often identify that you (and only you) clicked their link because of multiple unique pages on their sites.
  • Don’t forward e-mails from someone you don’t know to a list of people in your address book. Spammers love to harvest e-mail addresses from the “forward this to 20 of your friends” e-mail messages, even when the sender of the original e-mail didn’t intend for this to happen.
  • Opt out. If you register your e-mail at a web site that sends out commercial messages, they should give you a choice whether you want to receive e-mail from the site or its third party partners. Always check the NO box.
  • Protect your e-mail address. Reserve a private e-mail address that is given out only to friends, family, etc. Create a separate e-mail address to request more information, post on discussion groups, web sites, blogs, chat rooms, or anything else that is posted on the web.
  • Never use e-mail addresses as your screen name. This makes it very easy for web crawlers to find your address.
  • Use spam filters. Many e-mail programs have built-in tools to block messages sent from certain e-mail addresses or filter messages based on keywords you define. In Outlook, click on Actions>Junk E-mail>Add Sender to Blocked Senders List.
  • Remove your e-mail address from directories. To prevent your e-mail address from being harvested from people finder services such as Yahoo! People Search and other directories that are goldmines for spammers, ask them to remove your name from their directory. Or update your address using your “public” e-mail address instead of your “private” friends/family account.

If you’re looking for creative ways to reach your target audience without annoying them via spam messages, stop by today! Our team can help you develop marketing ideas that your prospects and clients are sure to love.

Joe Gass, President
Heritage Printing and Graphics
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Create a Marketing Plan for Success in Charlotte, NC

Create a Marketing Plan for Success

Profitability is the ultimate determinant of a company’s success or failure. In today’s world of eroding profit margins, high customer expectations, and challenging economic times, forward-thinking solutions are the key to profitability. That’s where a well developed marketing plan can help your company to succeed in Charlotte. 
Whether your marketing plan is as simple as a few sheets of paper or an extensive three-ring binder full of demographic information that distinguishes Ballantyne from South Park or the Queen City from Lake Norman, your plan should focus on your goals of the coming year.
Here are a few tips on creating a successful marketing plan:

  • Define a roadmap.
    Your team will feel more confident and committed to your company if you share your vision for the future.
  • Set goals.
    Encourage your team to collaborate to achieve goals for the upcoming year, and celebrate small accomplishments frequently to build momentum for the overall year.
  • Include all aspects of your company.
    After all, it takes everyone in your company to bring your marketing plan to reach the Charlotte marketplace to life.
  • Create a to-do list.
    Assess all parts of your company and make sure they are working well together. If there are any areas that need help, develop ideas on how to improve.
  • Update frequently.
    Because markets evolve, economy changes, and customers come and go, your marketing plan should be a flexible and adapt to reflect change.
  • Create a game plan.
    If employees come and go, memories falter, or other challenges come into play, a marketing plan helps you stay on track and remind you of your overall plan for the future.
  • Focus on the big picture.
    While it may be hard to look beyond the daily operations of your business, it is important to step back and think about where you want your business to be in the Charlotte market one, five, or 10 years from now.

While the creation of a marketing plan for your company in Charlotte can be time consuming, it is an important investment for the future of your company. Even if you are unable to look far into the future, a partial plan is far better than no plan at all.

Joe Gass, President
Heritage Printing and Graphics
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Charlotte, North Carolina